Words of remembrance for the late Coach Gordon

The Douglas Freeman running and school community is at a loss of words after the sad and devastating car accident which took the life of longtime Douglas Freeman track coach Charles Gordon on New Year\'s Eve. However, some current and past runners under Gordon were able to share some words of remembrance of their late coach. If anyone else feels free to contribute any words on his remembrance, feel free to do so, by emailing them at milestat@comcast.net. Let the healing start now.

\'He was my coach for 4 years, and he played a big part in helping me mature as a runner and as a leader for the team, and I owed him a lot\' -Duncan Vick, Douglas Freeman Senior cross country captain, indoor track captain, outdoor track captain

\'He was one of the most modest and helpful men I have ever met. He devoted so much time to our program, and never wanted anything in return, but to see us do well.\' -Cabell Rosanelli, Douglas Freeman Sophomore

\'We couldn\'t have had a better cross country season without Coach Gordon. He was always there to help everyone out. He was truely a blessing and will always be remembered.\' -Katie Strickler, Douglas Freeman Junior

\'He was a buddy, a real big help towards the team getting to some of the races, and having a sense of humor.\' -Evan Kearney, Douglas Freeman Junior

\'I learned many things from that man. Cross country won\'t ever be the same.\' -Matt Carlton, Douglas Freeman Junior

\'He never demanded any limelight. I think now is when we\'ll realize what a great impact he had on Freeman, both as a coach and teacher. By my senior year, I was the last of the \"great generation\" in his eyes. We had been 2nd in the state my freshman year, 1st in the state my sophomore year, and 3rd in the state my junior year. He always would bring it up when I was having a bad day...to remind me of how awesome we were and still could be. I don\'t think he ever talked to me without bringing that up.\' -Julia Siegel, Douglas Freeman graduate of 2003

'Coach Gordon was one of the kindest and most humble men that I have ever met. He was always positive and had a great sense of humor. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.' - Andrew Pike, Douglas Freeman Sophomore

'Coach Gordon was a genuinely nice person. He coached me for five years and I will never forget his kindness.' -Anna Moncure, Douglas Freeman Senior