Final Keydet Invitational Meet Information


Thank you for attending the 2006 Keydet Invitational we would like to remind everyone this is a VHSL Sanction track and field meet and the rules of conduct and sportsmanship for athletes as well as spectators will be enforced at all times. Excuse current construction projects on campus and we asked you to adhere to posted signs and beware of all marked and fenced off areas. Please pick up the trash in your area before you leave and we hope you enjoy your time here at VMI.

¼" Pyramid Spike Only – Any other spikes are not allowed and would mean an athlete will be DISQUALIFIED from the event .

Below are the starting heights for the pole vault and high jump.

Girls HJ: 4'8" with 2" increments

Boys HJ: 5'6 with 2" increments

Boys PV 8'6" with 6" increments

Girls PV: 7'0" with 6" increments

Each athlete will have their first legal throw measured. After that, the athlete must reach the following mark to have their throw measured.

Girls: 30'0"

Boys 40'0"

The above standards and procedures are done to help finish the meet on time. The SP and HJ are in the same area and the SP can't start until the HJ is finished.



Saturday, January 21st 2006

8:00 A.M Indoor Track Facility Opens

8:45 A.M Coaches Meeting

9:00 A.M Field Events Start 4 Attempts in LJ, TJ and SP - NO FINALS

Boys LJ

Boys PV followed by the Girls PV

Girls HJ followed by the Boys HJ

11:15 A.M Girls LJ

1:15 A.M Boys TJ

3:30 P.M Girls TJ

Girls Shot Put will follow the Boys HJ

Boys Shot Put will follow the Girls Shot

9:15 A.M START RUNNING EVENTS (Girls Followed by Boys) - PLACES ON TIME

3200m Run Top 15 times ONLY (1 Heat)

500m Dash 2 Entries per Team

55HH 2 Entries per Team

55m Dash 2 Entries per Team

1600m Run Top 30 times ONLY(2 sections)

300m Dash 2 Entries per Team

4x200m Relay 1 Relay per Team

4x800m Relay 1 Relay per Team

4x400m Relay 1 Relay per Team

SCORING: TOP 6 PLACES MEDAL--- 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1