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Profiling The Teams: Guys Edition Nolan Jez Oct 19, 2018

Not only did we rank the top 10 guys teams in the state but here we tell you why they are in that spot and why they moved between weeks four and six. Click over to the next pages and countdown to VA #1. 

Running With The Wolves Virtual Meet Nolan Jez Oct 18, 2018

Check out the boys and girls virtual meets for this weekend's action at The Running With The Wolves Invite. This includes both virtual team scores and individual rankings for both genders. 

Girls JV Team Scores Ranked Nolan Jez Oct 18, 2018

Here are the state team rankings for girls JV runners. These rankings rank teams in the state of Virginia by looking only at girls rank 8-14 on their team.

The MileStat How To: How'd It Do? Nolan Jez Oct 13, 2018

So let's start the debriefing. When you build a mathematical model you get one of two outcomes, it either works exactly right (rare) or you learn from where it went wrong and tweak for next time.