Six Points Separating Four Teams = The Closest State Title of Them All?

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The 4A Team Championships is going to come down to the final two events, you can be positive of that fact. You have a distance dynasty in Blacksburg against sprint powerhouse Deep Creek with Grafton and E.C. Glass bringing a divided attack to the table. This one is going to be fun! 

Virtual Team Scores

		                    Girls - Team Rankings - 15 Events Scored                    
   1) E.C. Glass               53           2) Blacksburg High School   49        
   3) Deep Creek High School   47           4) Grafton High School      47        
   5) Pulaski County           36           6) Midlothian High School   35        
   7) Loudoun Valley           33           8) Chancellor               31        
   9) Amherst County           25          10) Salem (Roanoke)          21        
  11) John Handley             20          12) King George              18        
  13) Fauquier                 18          14) Hanover                  16        
  15) Louisa County High Schoo 16          16) James Wood High School   14        
  17) Woodrow Wilson           13          18) Jefferson Forest         13        
  19) Monacan High School      10          20) Heritage (Newport News)  9         
  21) George Washington        8           22) Liberty Christian Academ 7         
  23) Dinwiddie                6           24) Loudoun County           6         
  25) Courtland                6           26) Smithfield               5         
  27) Woodgrove                4           28) Lafayette                4         
  29) Jamestown                4           30) Patrick Henry (Ashland)  4         
  31) Churchland               3           32) Powhatan High School     2         
  33) Kings Fork               2         		

Virtual Meet Rankings

55 Meter Dash

1Imani Woolridge11Monacan High School7.1810
2Maya Perkins12Deep Creek High School7.238
3Charlesia White10Deep Creek High School7.326
4Janae Blakeney11Salem (Roanoke)7.385
5Amani Hankton10Amherst County7.414
6Zyah Brown12Deep Creek High School7.433
7Jade Lane10E.C. Glass7.432
8JahNiyah Thomas10Heritage (Newport News)7.461

300 Meter Dash

1Maya Perkins12Deep Creek High School41.4410
2Grace Boone11Pulaski County41.748
3Zyah Brown12Deep Creek High School41.916
4Janae Blakeney11Salem (Roanoke)42.075
5Sequoia Wynn10E.C. Glass42.594
6Akeila Edwards*11Chancellor42.873
7ShaMiyah Rufus9Woodrow Wilson42.892
8Kaia Young12Kings Fork42.931

500 Meter Dash

1Grace Boone11Pulaski County1:16.3010
2Makenzie Joiner10Hanover1:18.108
3Anna Kender11Blacksburg High School1:19.956
4Alexa Daley11Grafton High School1:20.625
5Madeleine Hayes11Fauquier1:20.664
6Elise Fernandez12Fauquier1:21.103
7Hannah Koepfinger12King George1:21.402
8ShaMiyah Rufus9Woodrow Wilson1:21.521

1,000 Meter Run

1Grace Boone11Pulaski County2:55.5110
2Alexa Daley11Grafton High School3:03.258
3Noelle Saine12Loudoun Valley3:05.576
4Samantha Wanderer12Grafton High School3:06.415
5Allison Kenney11Grafton High School3:07.034
6Jette Davidson10E.C. Glass3:07.163
7Kaitlynn Wolfe10Blacksburg High School3:07.422
8Kyra Holland10Fauquier3:07.491

1,600 Meter Run

1Natalie Morris12Loudoun Valley5:12.3810
2Kaitlynn Wolfe10Blacksburg High School5:16.718
3Rachel Crytser10Hanover5:16.806
4Kira Freedman11Grafton High School5:17.045
5Savannah Roark10Courtland5:18.854
6Simonne Guenette12Blacksburg High School5:20.813
7Aubrey Wingeart12King George5:21.082
8Allison Kenney11Grafton High School5:21.731

3,200 Meter Run

1Natalie Morris12Loudoun Valley10:55.3910
2Kaitlynn Wolfe10Blacksburg High School10:57.318
3Aubrey Wingeart12King George11:10.506
4Ailene Edwards11Blacksburg High School11:17.055
5Thorin Jean12Jamestown11:18.654
6Kira Freedman11Grafton High School11:22.513
7Savannah Roark10Courtland11:24.962
8Meredith Beaver12Grafton High School11:26.671

55 Meter Hurdles

1Amani Hankton10Amherst County8.6810
2Zoe Scales12George Washington8.698
3Rene Rosso12James Wood High School8.736
4Akeila Edwards*11Chancellor8.855
5Erin Babashak11Midlothian High School8.944
6Briana Green12King George9.053
7Zharia Shaw9Woodrow Wilson9.132
8Amari Jackson12Woodrow Wilson9.271

4x200 Meter Relay

2Pulaski County1:47.008
3Deep Creek High School1:47.816
4E.C. Glass1:47.885
5Heritage (Newport News)1:49.054
6Midlothian High School1:49.943
7Liberty Christian Academy1:50.382
8Kings Fork1:50.481

4x400 Meter Relay

1Midlothian High School4:12.1410
2Deep Creek High School4:12.788
3Blacksburg High School4:15.686
4Grafton High School4:15.855
5Patrick Henry (Ashland)4:18.134
7Loudoun Valley4:18.792

4x800 Meter Relay

1Grafton High School9:39.4110
2Blacksburg High School9:53.678
4Loudoun Valley10:04.595
5E.C. Glass10:04.714
6Midlothian High School10:07.283
7Jefferson Forest10:11.252

High Jump

1Taylor Beard11John Handley5-910
2Rene Rosso12James Wood High School5-68
3Molly Chapman12Loudoun County5-26
4Shae Dewey11Liberty Christian Academy5-15
5Amanic Brown9E.C. Glass5-04
6Katie Daniluk*12Midlothian High School5-03
7Ashley Trevillian11Powhatan High School5-02
8Kiara Cherry12Churchland5-01

Long Jump

1Dahja Price10Louisa County High School18-110
2Jade Lane10E.C. Glass18-0.58
3Janae Blakeney11Salem (Roanoke)17-10.56
4Amani Hankton10Amherst County17-3.755
5Joselyn Jones*10Chancellor17-1.54
6Sequoia Wynn10E.C. Glass17-13
7Erin Babashak11Midlothian High School17-0.52
8Amari Jackson12Woodrow Wilson17-01

Pole Vault

1Gracie Jauch11Jefferson Forest12-710
2McKenna Dunn*12Midlothian High School12-08
3Celia Agee11Louisa County High School12-06
4Briana Green12King George11-05
5Peyton Blanding12Lafayette10-84
6Anna Kender11Blacksburg High School10-63
7Mary McKay9John Handley10-62
8Allison Polk12Jefferson Forest10-01

Shot Put

1Taliyah Wade12E.C. Glass39-910
2Casey Nelson12John Handley38-38
3Aliyah Reed12Dinwiddie38-06
4Arieana Parker12Smithfield37-05
5Maxine Barnes11Woodgrove36-114
6Natasia Revely11Amherst County36-93
7Ameya Williams11Churchland36-72
8Kayla Pavlock11Fauquier36-21

Triple Jump

1Jade Lane10E.C. Glass38-6.510
2Joselyn Jones*10Chancellor38-2.58
3Amari Jackson12Woodrow Wilson38-26
4ShaCoya Price12Salem (Roanoke)36-95
5Shirelle Linzy11Heritage (Newport News)36-64
6Amani Hankton10Amherst County35-5.753
7Erin Babashak11Midlothian High School35-5.52
8Morgan Ferguson12Hanover34-11.251