Meet Information

Time Schedule for 12-7 Polar Bear Meet (We will get ahead if possible)

5:00 55H
5:15 55
5:30 1600
5:45 300 (no blocks)
6:05 1000
6:15 500

Field Events
5:00 Boys Long Jump
5:00 Girls High Jump
5:00 Boys Shot Put
5:45 Boys High Jump
5:45 Girls Long Jump
5:45 Girls Shot Put

Douglas Freeman is holding Polar Bear Meets on the following dates: December 7, December 14.

We will be charging an entry fee of $50 per school per meet to offset the costs of the Milestat entry system and officials. Make check out to DSF Booster Club, Do not mail checks. Bring them with you to the meet.

Please let us know if you are interested in attending any of these dates. We will limit the total number of teams in each meet so please let us know as soon as possible as to which meets you would like to compete. Thanks.

Sherry Edwards

Brian Reutinger

Registration help:

Note that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.