Cedar Run District Meet 2006

Haymarket, VA
Hosted by Battlefield


District Week Coverage: Game Face Time! Brandon Miles May 18, 2006

Charles Clark certainly showed his game face with the rest of the Legion of Doom and mohawk sporting gang from Bayside at the Beach District Meet as he rolled through the qualifying rounds and finals of the 100, 200, and 400 meter dash with outstanding times of 10.63, 21.49, and 47.98 in the finals. MileStat.com was on-site with Brandon Miles for both days of the Beach District as well as the Dominion District Meet on Friday. John Herzog was on-site for both Wednesday and Thursday\'s action at the Colonial and Capital District Meet as well as a portion of the Dominion District Meet. We will be attempting to give its best coverage as possible in covering the busiest week always every year with the district meet week with plenty of meets going on all around the state. One thing you can count as MileStat.com being the one-stop source for results from all the meets. Keeping up with the elite performances will be the first priority from the district meets then meet highlights and lastly photo and video coverage from the meets. Results will be posted as they received and photos and videos should be posted in waves from Sunday to Tuesday. Please be patient as we enter all the elites from the meets (proofread them as well) and post highlights....we are working as hard and fast as we can! Thanks! Photos to come from the Beach District, Capital District, Colonial District, and Dominion District as well as video clips from the Beach District and Dominion! STATE BESTS FROM DISTRICT MEETS SO FAR B100 - Anthony Chesson (Manchester) 10.58, Dominion District Meet B300H - Jahmal Potter (Salem) 38.01, Beach District Meet B800 - Abe Daganchew (Herndon) 1:53.16, Concorde District Meet BDiscus - Mike Zajac (E.C. Glass) 185-2, Western Valley District Meet BSP - Mike Zajac (E.C. Glass) 57-7 (Ties), Western Valley District Meet BLJ - Corey Vinston (Phoebus) 25-0, Peninsula District Meet....US#1!!!