Meet Information

Coaches\' Meeting at 11:00 am at the finish line.

The meet will begin at 11:30 am with the field events. There will be four (4) attempts in the field events.

The 55m trials will be at 12:15 pm and the 4x8 Final will be at 12:20 pm. We will begin the running event finals at 1:00 with the 55m HH ( 2 heat final) and go with a rolling schedule.

The top 3 individual and relays will receive medals.

Scoring is through six places....10-8-6-4-2-1

Top six individual & top three (3) relays plus those who meet the NW Region or AAA State standard advance to the NW Regional Meet.

A team trophy will be presented to the Boys and Girls Champion at the conclusion of the meet.

The Coaches will select a \"Cedar Run Indoor Athlete of the Year\" (Boy & Girl) based on their District Meet performance. This award will be presented at the conclusion of the meet.