VA Regional Week Coverage May 26, 2007

Ashley Gatling (Deep Creek) 5-10 High Jump   Tierra Brown (Hampton) 13.92 100H/41.92 (41.82 prelims) 300H     It may be called the Eastern REGION Meet, but it really is a NATIONAL caliber meet with the number of nationally caliber athletes in competition and they did not disappoint in performances in their final meets before the AAA State Championships on June 1st and 2nd. Top performances for the girls including a US #4 41.82 in Friday's prelims of the 300 meter hurdles by Hampton senior Tierra Brown and Deep Creek senior Ashley Gatling matching her US top 5 best in a 5'10" clearance in the high jump. Check out the full meet coverage of the Eastern Region Meet including meet summary, photos, results, and video (to be posted Tuesday) as well as coverage from the other regional championships at our regional week coverage page.   Monday Update: Meet summaries posted from all 4 AAA Regional Meets. Central, Eastern, and Northwest by Brandon Miles. Northern by Pearl Watts. Tuesday: Meet summaries from AA & A Regions. Video clips starting to be posted. Results are up from all 12 regions. Performances are entered into rankings and athlete profiles from all of the region meets. Video clips from past meets will be a gradual process from Sunday through Wednesday as we backtrack from the backlog of the past two weeks (Eastern Region, Northwest Region, Central Region, VISAA State Championships, Capital District, Colonial District). Regional Week Photo Galleries:We were able to get photographers at all four AAA regional championships. Special thanks to John Herzog, Ted Plunkett, and Ronnie Presley for their photo contributions. We will have photo coverage at the AA State Meet next weekend with David Fleenor and if anyone would be interested in contributing photos from the A State Meet in Radford, please email us. Central Region Photo Gallery by John Herzog - 1519 photos total Northern Region Photo Gallery by Ted Plunkett - 896 photos totalNorthern Region Meet Photo Gallery by Ronnie Presley - 523 photos total Northwest Region Meet Photo Gallery by Brandon Miles - 866 photos total Eastern Region Photo Gallery by Brandon Miles - Photos to be added throughout Sunday  MORE REGIONAL WEEK COVERAGE (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED) - Meet summaries, photos, interviews, and videos to be posted throughout the week. LOOK BACK AT MILESTAT'S DISTRICT MEET COVERAGE - Wrapping up coverage with more meet summaries, performances, results, and videos.