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Day 2 Meet Program


DATE: Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27
Rain Date Saturday May 28

DIRECTOR: Linda Sarabia Jones, South Lakes High School DSA

LOCATION: Robinson Secondary School

ADMISSION: General Admission - $7.00

DEADLINE: ALL ENTRIES must be submitted on A backup copy may be submitted in hard copy on the Regional Entry form to the District Meet director at the conclusion of the district meet. This form is the verification and back-up entry. Entries will all be due by 7:00 PM on Monday May 23 on milestat. Any questions,

MEETING: No Pre-season Meeting. Coaches are required to view the power point Rules Clinic online which opened on February 10th at

AWARDS: Championship and Runner-Up Team Trophies Medals for first, second, third places for individual events, and for first, second and third for relays. Duplicate awards for ties. NOTE: THE VHSL NOW ADVANCES THE TOP 6 INDIVIDUALS AND THE TOP 6 RELAYS FROM THE REGION MEET TO THE STATE MEET.

SCORING: 10 8 6 5- 4 3 - 2 1 for all events.

ENTRIES: Entries are limited to the first six (6) individuals in each event and the first three (3) relay teams from the District Meet. In addition, a school may enter any additional participant who has met the Regional qualifying standards in a sanctioned meet of ten or more schools, as dictated by the Region 6A North Handbook. Relay teams are limited to those who finish first, second, or third in the District Meet, or who have met the Regional qualifying standards. Times made in relays (splits) do not qualify for non-relay running events.

EVENT In one meet a contestant may compete in any number of field events, but shall be limited
LIMITATION: to participation in only three running events. Exception, a contestant who competes in the 3200-meter run may compete in only one other running event on the same day. In a two-day meet, a competitor in the 3200m run may compete in three running events so long as they dont compete in all three on the same day.

STANDARDS: Distributed ELECTRONICALLY (attached at the bottom of this document).

NOTES: The one minute rule will apply in all field events. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN BLOCKS. Each school must bring their own batons, discus, shots, pole vault poles, water, towels, and safety pins.

SCRATCH Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 at 6:30pm at Robinson Secondary at Recital Hall by Door 1.

REPORTING Each contestant in a running event shall report to the clerk of course at the first call.
FOR EVENTS: Failure to report by the third call will result in a scratch. Each individual declared for participation must actually participate.

CALL FOR First call 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event
EVENTS: Second call 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event
Third call 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event

SCRATCHES: Each contestant in a running event shall report to the clerk of the course by the third call. Failure to report by the third call will result in a scratch. All individuals declared for participation at the deadline set by the director will have those events count toward their participation limit as specified in rule 84-4-7 (10) whether they compete in them or not.. If an athlete is excused from an event by the certified trainer on site, or a physician, that athlete will be eligible for any and all other events entered unless the certified trainer or physician determines that the athletes health would be in danger with any further participation. No event in the meet is to be delayed because a participant is engaged in another event. If a contestant is entered in a field event, which conflicts with the time schedule with a track event in which he is entered, he shall make advance arrangements with the official in charge of the field event to postpone his trials until after the track event has been run. No track event will be delayed to accommodate a contestant competing in a field event.
Participation: In one meet, a contestant may compete in any number of field events, but shall be limited to participation in only three running events, except that a contestant who competes in the 3200 meter run may compete in no more than one other running event. In any meet held over two days, a contestant competing in the 3200 meter run may compete in two additional running events as long as only one of the two additional races is contested on the same day as the 3200 meter run.

RULES: 2016 edition National Federation Rule Book and the 2015-16 edition of VHSL Handbook.

UNIFORMS: Team members shall wear the school uniform. A competitor must be in the proper track uniform and wearing his contestant number (when numbers are used) before he will be permitted to compete. Numbers, when worn, shall be attached to the front of the jersey for all events. In relay events each team member shall wear the same color and design school uniform (jersey and trunks). When more than one team member wears other apparel under the jersey, that apparel must be identical.

NUMBERS: The numbers and other official materials will be distributed to the coaches at the press box prior to the start of the meet.

CONTROL OF Each coach is asked to keep his squad in the stands, off the track and out of the infield,
THE FIELD: except when an individual is warming up or participating in an event. The only people allowed on the infield are those with identification tags indicating an official capacity in the meet. No shots or discus are allowed in the stands.

WARM-UP Coaches are asked to instruct their athletes to warm up on the upper fields. In the field events, as much as possible, have your athletes warm-up proper to the first call for the event. Please keep athletes in the stands except when they are warming up or are competing.

Final Advancement to the races with 1 section final will be: The winner of each semifinal heat
Advancement and the next (X) fastest times (number needed to complete the 8 finalists). Seeding for
Formula finals will be based on place then time from semifinals.

RELAY EXCHANGES: Sliding relay exchanges will be used in the 4 * 400 and 4 * 800 Relays, (i.e., the team leading off the last turn will have the pole, second off the turn, the second lane, etc. 4 * 400 will be run on a 3 turn stagger so this only applies to last 2 exchanges). IN LANE EVENTS COMPETITORS MUST RETURN TO THE FINISH LINE AND REMAIN IN THEIR RESPECTIVE LANES UNTIL THE JUDGES HAVE REACHED THEIR DECISION AS TO THE WINNER.

AWARDS: Individual medals for running and field events will be presented to teams at the end of the meet. Team trophy will be presented after the 1600-meter relay.

DISCUS& Shots and Discus will be weighed and certified by Head Field Judge.

LONG JUMP & Three jumps in the trials and three jumps in the finals.

POLE VAULT: Starting height will be determined by the games committee
Vaulters must be weighed in by Head Field Judge.

Thursday and Friday; May 26 & 27
Robinson Secondary School
4:00 p.m. Coaches Meeting
Weigh in Discus/Shot
Pole Vault Verification

4:30 p.m. Boys Discus
Girls Shot
Boys Long Jump
Girls Long Jump
Girls High Jump

5:00pm Boys Pole Vault

6:30 p.m. 100m/110m Hurdles-Prelims
6:50 p.m. 100m Dash-Prelims
7:15 p.m. 3200m RELAY FINALS
7:50 p.m. 200m Dash-Prelims

4:00 p.m. Coaches Meeting
Weigh in Discus/Shot
Pole Vault Verification

4:30 p.m. Girls Discus
Boys Shot
Boys High Jump
Girls Triple Jump
Boys Triple Jump

5:00 p.m. Girls Pole Vault


6:00 p.m. 100m/110m Hurdles
6:10 p.m. 100m Dash
6:20 p.m. 1600m Run
6:45 p.m. 400m Relay
7:05 p.m. 400m Dash
7:25 p.m. 300m Hurdles
7:55 p.m. 800m Run
8:15 p.m. 200m Dash
8:25 p.m. 3200m Run
9:15 p.m. 1600m Relay
9:40 p.m. TEAM AWARDS

6A North/6A State Standards
Outdoor 2016

Boys Standards Regional State
110 Meter Hurdles 15.98 15.22
100 Meter Dash 11.43 11.19
200 Meter Dash 23.07 22.49
300 Meter Hurdles 41.74 40.30
400 Meter Dash 51.60 50.13
800 Meter Run 2:00.68 1:58.09
1600 Meter Run 4:30.48 4:25.36
3200 Meter Run 9:50.64 9:43.34
High Jump 510 602
Pole Vault 120 1206
Long Jump 2007.75 2109.25
Triple Jump 4201 4401.75
Shot Put 4509.75 4903
Discus 13104 1450
400 Meter Relay 44.93 43.86
1600 Meter Relay 3:31.86 3:26.86
3200 Meter Relay 8:17.90 8:10.14

Girls Standards Regional State
100 Meter Hurdles 16.40 15.28
100 Meter Dash 12.84 12.51
200 Meter Dash 26.19 25.72
300 Meter Hurdles 48.54 46.40
400 Meter Dash 59.88 58.46
800 Meter Run 2:20.33 2:18.58
1600 Meter Run 5:14.49 5:09.96
3200 Meter Run 11:30.84 11:25.19
High Jump 410 501
Pole Vault 809 906
Long Jump 1604.5 1707
Triple Jump 3407.5 3605.75
Shot Put 3402.5 3604.25
Discus 9701 11002
400 Meter Relay 51.12 49.99
1600 Meter Relay 4:08.93 4:04.33
3200 Meter Relay 9:53.30 9:40.90