Virginia Tech Premier High School Invitational 2017

Blacksburg, VA

Meet Information


2017 Virginia Tech
Premier High School Invitational
Indoor Track Meet
Tentative Order of Events
Dates: January 27/28 2017
Rector Field House

Contact: Dan Ward
(804)691-4366 or regarding any meet questions.

Eligible Schools
NFHS sanctioning has been applied for in all border states. All others must contact Dan Ward at by December 15, 2016

All entries will be via the milesplit online network. Only 2016/17 verified marks are valid for relays. Verified times from 2015-2017 may be used for individual events.

Entry Deadline
January 11th


Entry Limitations & Directions
All athletes must adhere to the entry limits of their home state.

Accepted Athletes
The number of athletes is listed by event on the rolling schedule. The accepted list will be released on on January 13, 2017. The decision on accepted athletes is the sole responsibility of meet management and is final.

$10.00 per accepted individual entry
$30.00 per accepted relay per gender

Make check payable to: Treasurer, Virginia Tech

Mail check to: Cara Walters
Virginia Tech Athletics
360 Jamerson Athletic Center
Blacksburg, VA 24061

All athlete marks must be confirmed on the Milesplit network. Fees on unconfirmed marks will be forfeited.

Coaches' Information
1. Coaches' Meeting: held at the Clerk of Course area, either attend Friday (4:30pm) or Saturday (8:30am) meeting.
2. Scratches will be taken at the Clerk of Course desk. There will be NO SUBSTITUTIONS allowed.
3. RUNNING EVENTS - Clerk of Course is located in the back right corner of the field house. All athletes must report when event is called. It is a rolling schedule.
WOMENS 55 HH, the heats are in the program and posted on the "Results" corkboard on the wall near the start.
4. FIELD EVENTS - Check-in at their perspective competition area 20 MINUTES prior to the scheduled time. If an athlete has not checked in he/she will be scratched. No exceptions.
5. Numbers are worn on the FRONT for all events, with the exception of the pole vault and high jump. Athletes who are NOT wearing their assigned number will be disqualified.

6. Hip numbers - LEFT hip for all races on the OVAL track. RIGHT hip for the 55m and the 55m hurdles
7. Athletes that have to leave a field event to compete in a running event will have 10 minutes to report back to the field event or they will miss an attempt.
8. Long jump and triple jump warm-ups: Only the flight that is next to jump will be allowed to warm-up and put their marks on the runway. Each flight will have 15 minutes to warm-up.
9. Only 1/4" spikes or less will be allowed on all track surfaces. Spikes will be checked at the starting line. 1/8" spikes are recommended.
10. Food: will be permitted only in the designated area at the front of the field house.
11. Rest rooms are located in the front of the field house. There are also port-a-johns outside the front entrance of the field house and outside behind the Clerk Area.
12. Coaches are NOT allowed inside the oval. Only currently competing athletes allowed inside oval or on oval or sprint tracks. There are no coaching boxes!
13. Do no allow athletes to climb up on mats at the end of the dash track!
14. The outdoor track is available for warm-up.
15. No training staff will be provided. Water and ice will be available.

Virginia Tech High School Invitational
Indoor Track Meet

January 27/28 2017
Rolling Schedule
Friday, January 27

3:30pm Doors Open. Packets available for pickup (left front doors of Rector Field House)
4:00pm Check-In for events 7 and 8 commence.
4:30pm Coaches meeting. Back right corner of field house (Clerk of Course).

All athletes must be at the Clerk of Course when their event is called. It is your responsibility to make check-in. Remain at the Clerk of Course for heat assignments, lane assignments, and hip numbers. Womens 55 H report directly to the starting line. ALL other events report to the Clerk of Course. You may check in early.

Time Event Number Gender

5:00pm Shot Put 1 Female (24 athletes)
Triple Jump 2 Male (24 athletes)
Pole Vault 3 Female (24 athletes)
Triple Jump 5 Female (24 athletes)
7:15pm High Jump 4 Male (24 athletes)
7:30pm Shot Put 6 Male (24 athletes)

Rolling Schedule Rolling Time Schedule
5:00pm 7 Female (48 athletes)
55 Hurdles 8
Male (48 athletes)
55 Dash 9 Female (48 athletes)
55 Dash 10 Male$(48 athletes)

Female 4X800 Relay 13
(24 teams)
Male 4X800 Relay 14
(24 Teams
Female 3200 15
(30 Athletes)
Male 3200 16
(30 Athletes)
Saturday, January 28th

7:30am Doors Open
8:00am Check-In for events 21 and 22 commence.
8:30am Coaches Meeting
Time Event Number Gender

9:00am Long Jump 17 Female (24 athletes)
Long Jump 18 Male (24 athletes)
High Jump 19 Female (24 athletes)
Pole Vault 20 Male (18 athletes)
Rolling Time Schedule
4x200 Relay 21 Female (36 teams)
4x200 Relay 22 Male (36 teams)
1000 Meter Run 23 Female (5 sections) (40 athletes)
1000 Meter Run 24 Male (5 sections) (40 athletes)
300 Dash 25 Female (12 sections) (36 athletes)
300 Dash 26 Male (12 sections) (36 athletes)
55 Hurdles - Finals 27 Female (top 8 times from Friday)
55 Hurdles - Finals 28 Male (top 8 times from Friday)
55 Dash - Finals 29 Female (top 8 times from Friday)
55 Dash Finals 30 Male (top 8 times from Friday)
500 Run 31 Female (11 sections) (36 athletes)
500 Run 32 Male (12 sections) (36 athletes)
1600 Run 35 Female (5 sections) (40 athletes)
1600 Run 34 Male (5 sections) (40 athletes)
1600 Relay 39 Female (36 teams)
1600 Relay 38 Male (36 teams)

Any relay team listed that does not show relay runners and alternates are not in the meet yet. These teams should email the relay event(s) along with name, M or F, and grade of each runner/alternate on the relay to immediately