Meet Information


  • Third Battle Invitational 2017 is now FULL. The list of teams on Milestat is accurate.

(The Open Race will remain open until approximately 8:45AM on race day.  We welcome all home school, private schools, family, coaches, and local runners to participate in the Open Race. See below for registration details.)

  • Further acceptances will be by invitation only.
  • Individuals meeting the entry guidelines (~16:15/~19:30)may enter through the close of registration on 10/10 by contacting the meet director.

Third Battle Invitational Information

Held on the site of the Third Battle of Winchester with the cooperation of the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation, this meet offers some of the best competition in Virginia on a PR friendly 5,000m of grass, crushed stone, and dirt. In only 5 years since its start, the course has already hosted two Foot Locker national champions, multiple state champions, Foot Locker finalists, NXN finalists, and hundreds of personal records.


For Information, contact:

Activities Director, Scott Mankins

Head Coach, Kevin Shirk

Millbrook High School: 540-545-2800


8:00-9:00 AM Registration for Open Race Located at Finish

Packet/Chip Pick-Up

8:45 AM Coaches Meeting @ Finish Area  or Online HERE

9:00 AM Open Race

9:45 AM Girls' JV Underclassmen(unlimited participants)

10:25 AM Boys' JV Underclassmen(unlimited participants)

11:05 AM Girls' JV Upperclassmen(unlimited participants)

11:45 PM Boys' JV Upperclassmen(unlimited participants)

12:25 PM Girls' Varsity (7 participants)

1:05 PM Boys' Varsity (7 participants)

2:00 Awards (Individual & Team)

Cost: $300 per school

School Payments can be made payable to Millbrook HS

Payments can be sent to:

Scott Mankins, CSA

Millbrook HS

251 First Woods Drive

Winchester, VA. 22603

Open Race:

$10 per individual in the Open Race and for accepted individuals in the varsity races, payable on the day of the race. Sign-up for the open race is located at the finish line in the middle field as well as through Runsignup for 3rd Battle Open Race.   

We have added an open race division on milestat for registration of full teams in the open race. Please only register those who intend to compete on race day. cost is $10 per individual even for large groups. Individual male/female winners of the open race will receive a complimentary t-shirt or sweatshirt from the meet.

Course Description:

Fast, meticulously measured 5,000m course on the historic Third Battle of Winchester battlefield, located adjacent to Millbrook High School's campus. The course will run on a variety of surfaces including grass, dirt, crushed stone, and some small gravel. The course consists of mostly flat land and small rolling hills. The course runs through cut grass and wide public walking paths, and a beautiful wooded first mile. Racing flats or rubber-soled XC spikes are best suited for this course. We do not recommend plastic-plate track spikes due to occasional loose gravel.

Timing: Ipico chip timing and results will be provided by Shenandoah Valley Runners.

Course Picture 

Entry Process: Online via

Entries are DUE BY TUESDAY, 10/10/17 at 11:59pm.

This year we are limiting varsity races to only 7 runners. Unlimited JV runners in each race. Please enter only those who truly intend to compete.


-Top 20 Varsity runners receive custom medals.

-Top 3 teams receive engraved wooden plaques cut from trees in the battlefield. Take a piece of the battlefield home with you if your team is top three. First place girl and boy will also receive wooded plaques in addition to their medals.

Medal Design: Medals are designed in the shape of a Virginia Historical Marker, showing the canopy of trees associated with the Third Winchester Battlefield, as well as runners producing shadows of Civil War soldiers.
Team awards (First place 12" diameter, 2nd & 3rd 10" diameter)

T-Shirts & Sweathshirts
: Will be made on site by American Screen Printing. Pricing TBD.

Concession: We will have a greater variety of concessions this year:

  • Morning concessions will offer coffee, hot chocolate, and Bojangles sausage biscuits for breakfast.
  • Lunch and afternoon concessions will include Subway Veggie 6" subs, Pulled Pork BBQ, Chick-fil-A sandwiches, and assorted healthy and sweet snacks.

Spectator Parking : Located at Millbrook High School. Parking is approximately 1000m (.62 miles) from the starting line. 

Spectator Fee/Donation: We do not charge spectators, but kindly ask for a donation for the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation(SVBF). Last year, spectator donations to the SVBF totaled exactly $5,798.85. Suggested donation is $5 per car/family.


Team Drop-Off: At Millbrook High School only. We can provide transportation for tents and water for teams. 

Boys Course Records(Individuals listed once):

1. 14:20.8 Andrew Hunter Loudoun Valley 2015

2. 15:11.2 Dalton Hengst McDonogh School 2016

3. 15:15.8 Peter Morris Loudoun Valley 2016

4. 15:20.2 Karl Thiessen Abingdon 2016

5. 15:21.1 Colton Bogucki Loudoun Valley 2016

6. 15:27.1 TylerCox-Philyaw Millbrook 2015

7. 15:30.6 Ryan McGorty Chantilly 2014

8. 15:33.5 Nick Causey Osbourn Park 2013

9. 15:34.2 Alec Schrank Millbrook 2016

10. 15:34.4 Tristan Colaizzi Georgetown Day School 2015

11. 15:35.0 Hale Ross Potomac School 2013

12. 15:37.7 Yared Mekonnen Thomas Edison 2016

13. 15:39.0 Thomas Delaney John Handley 2010

14. 15:39.0 Aaron Hill Battlefield 2013

15. 15:39.7 Dan Horoho Centreville 2015

16. 15:41.5 Jackson Morton Stone Bridge 2015

17. 15:41.8 Gabriel Allgayer Mercersburg Academy 2016

18. 15:41.8 Patrick Lynch George C. Marshell 2016

19. 15:43.0 Seamas O'Reilly Warren County 2010

20. 15:44.0 Bryce Catlett Osbourn Park 2015

Girls Course Records(Individuals listed once):

1. 16:29.0 Weini Kelati Heritage 2015

2. 17:10.4 Caroline Alcorta West Springfield 2013

3. 17:27.8 Heather Holt George C. Marshall 2016

4. 17:36.7 Rachel McArthur Patriot 2015

5. 17:54.3 Ciara Donohue Loudoun Valley 2014

6. 17:59.0 Crystal Nelson Millbrook 2011

7. 18:19.0 Amber Hawkins James Wood 2012

8. 18:20.9 Georgie Mackenzie Heritage 2015

9. 18:22.0 Olivia Beckner South Lakes 2016

10. 18:23.1 Danielle Bartholomew Osbourn Park 2015

11. 18:28.4 Natalie Morris Loudoun Valley 2016

12. 18:33.4 Rachel Granovsky The Potomac School 2015

13. 18:37.0 Hannah Moran Salem 2016

14. 18:40.9 Marianne Abdalah Vincentian Academy 2016

15. 18:43.0 Katie Kennedy West Springfield 2013

16. 18:44.4 Ava Bir George C. Marshall 2016

17. 18:47.4 Reagan Bustamante West Springfield 2015

18. 18:47.7 Hannah Lipps Hampshire 2016

19. 18:51.0 Alina Woodford Patrick Henry 2012

20. 18:51.9 Sophie Gitlin Bryn Mawr School2014

Registration help: