Knights Crossing XC Invitational 2019

Salem, VA


Green Hill Park Course Preview Sep 06, 2019

The course begins with wide open start that can easily fit 70+ box assignments with three runners on the line each. From there the course goes out 300-400 straight followed by a 100 meter right turn that leads the runners back along the main road and behind the start line (1K mark). From there athletes head up a small hill (10ft) and run on the left side of the gravel road until the turn around at the equestrian center. Athletes then double back on the left side coming back (so right side when looking at it). Runners then take a left turn and run between the tent areas and the start line for 300m until they make a left hand turn and cross the creek on the new earthen bridge (10 feet wide). They then take a right and roughly 200m ahead is the two mile mark. From there athletes continue straight until making a right before the road and looping back to the main field where the original 400m mark was. From there athletes loop back just like the first 800m but this time will make a gradual U-turn at the 3 Mile mark and sprint to the finish with a 100-200 meter straightaway. Throughout the grass is packed nice and fast with few if any holes or uneven parts. The gravel on the road is larger gravel though so choose spikes wisely based on what you can see in the video.