2020 Jefferson District Indoor Track Championships 2020

Fork Union, VA

Meet Information

2020 Jefferson District Indoor Championship  (Meet Postponed Until Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020)

Hosted by Charlottesville High School

Date: Fridat, February 7th at 12:00pm at Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, VA.

*Teams will not be allowed into the building until 9:30am. Coaches Meeting at 10:30 A.M.

Director: Rodney Redd, Charlottesville High School

Email: reddrl@charlottesvilleschools.org>

Entries and Timing: Louisa County High School. Questions: Contact Coach Cutright, 1-540-748-0781.

Eligibility: Three (3) athletes per individual event and 1 relay team. More than three (3) may be

entered in individual events if all meet the District qualifying standard. If you have

more than 3 entries, please email them to cutrigjl@lcps.k12.va.us prior to the entry

deadline. Please list each athletes seed time, distance or height with the name and

date of the meet in which the standard was met.

Entries: Entries will be made using milestat. Entries are due no later than Tuesday,

February 4, by 9:00 pm. Meet information is posted on the website.

Any updates, changes or scratches must be in before noon on Wednesday, February 5th.

Email Coach Cutright at Louisa by noon on February 5th or sooner.

Scratches only can be made at the coaches meeting. No changes will be taken after

noon on February 5th.

Coaches will turn in a Sportsmanship Form and an Equipment Certification Form at the

coaches meeting. The forms are part of this packet. They will also be available at the

coaches meeting.

Entry Fee: Meet costs will be split evenly between all district schools. Each school will need to

provide workers for the meet. The assignments are listed below.

WAHS Boys and Girls PV

Louisa FAT Timing

Albemarle Boys and Girls HJ

Louisa Check in and clerking

Fluvanna Boys and Girls LJ 3 attempts-No finals

Orange Boys and Girls TJ 3 attempts-No finals

Charlottesville Boys and Girls SP 3 attempts-No finals

Monticello Turns, Hand-off zones and Infield

Starting Heights: Girls HJ: 4-2 Girls PV: 7-0

Boys HJ: 5-0 Boys PV: 8-0

*The starting heights will be adjusted if needed based upon the field of entries into the meet

Check-in: Check in will be set up near the start line for the 55m dash. Athletes must check in to

get their hip number by the second call. They must then be at the check in area at the third call to be lead to the start line. Field events are to check in at the event.

District Standards:

Girls Boys

LJ 15-7 18-10.75

TJ 30-2 36-9

HJ 4-6 5-6

PV 8-0 8-8

SP 26-8.25 36-0.25

55 H 10.28 9.49

55m 7.87 7.00

300m 46.98 39.64

500m 1:30.34 1:15.67

1000m 3:28.06 2:56.67

1600m 5:55.73 5:01.08

3200m 13:14.26 11:06.78

Time Schedule:

*We will run ahead of schedule when possible*

Field Events:

Girls Pole Vault 12:00

Boys Long Jump 12:00

Girls High Jump 12:15

Girls Shot Put 12:30

Girls Long Jump 1:00

Boys High Jump 1:15

Boys Pole Vault 1:30

Boys Shot Put 1:30

Boys Triple Jump 2:30

Girls Triple Jump 3:30

Track Events:

Girls 4x800m Relay 1:00

Boys 4x800m Relay 1:15

Girls 55m Hurdles 1:30

Boys 55m Hurdles 1:40

Girls 55m 1:50

Boys 55m 2:00

Girls 4x200m Relay 2:10

Boys 4x200m Relay 2:20

Girls 1600m 2:30

Boys 1600m 2:40

Girls 500m 2:50

Boys 500m 3:00

Girls 1000m 3:10

Boys 1000m 3:20

Girls 300m 3:30

Boys 300m 3:45

Girls 3200m 4:00

Boys 3200m 4:20

Girls 4x400m Relay 4:35

Boys 4x400m Relay 4:45

Awards 5:15

Admission: $7.00 per person.

Hospitality Room for Coaches.

Jefferson District Records:

Field Events:


Long Jump: 2018 Dahja Price Louisa 18-1

Triple Jump: 2002 Joyce Johnson Charlottesville 37-2

High Jump: 2007 Ryan Tillery Monticello 5-3

Shot Put: 2004 Jilliant Coleman Louisa 37-3.5

Pole Vault: 2006 Ashley Early WAHS 12-7


Long Jump: 2006 Logan Mcghee Louisa 22-0.5

Triple Jump: 2000 Anthony Johnson Charlottesville 47-3.75

High Jump: 1998 Travis Washington Fluvanna 6-8

Shot Put: 2001 Reggie Butler Monticello 52-3

Pole Vault: 2012 Chance Parmly Fluvanna 15-0

Track Events:


4x800m: 2011 Emily Moffett WAHS 10:09.39

Olivia Hajek

Killian OConnell

Claire Johnson

4x200m: 2012 Monica Mallory Louisa 1:48.99

Javanique Burruss

Shadelle Gregory

Natese Ragland

4x400m: 2009 Kia Christmas Louisa 4:12.84

Jasmyne Johnson

Nojai Veras

Imani Dugger

55m HH: 2012 Javanique Burruss Louisa 8.41

55m: 2005 Angela Johnson Charlottesville 7.22

300m: 2015 Taylor Watkins Charlottesville 41.31

500m: 2004 Jessica Fanning WAHS 1:19.61

1000m: 2009 Katie Farina WAHS 3:12.00

1600m: 2011 Mattie Webb WAHS 5:09.93

3200m: 2011 Mattie Webb WAHS 10:59.64


4x800m: 2009 Andrew Jennings WAHS 8:16.86

Kyle Satterwhite

Adrian Sitler

Tyler Stutzman

4x200m: 2009 Tyler Jackson Louisa 1:34.48

Gunnar Carroll

Corrinn Harris

Dante Davis

4x400m: 2008 Adrian Sitler WAHS 3:38.07

Aaron Myers

Kevin Dubovsky

Nick Ward

55m HH: 2007 Jeff Carey Orange 7.60

55m: 2009 Jamal Spears Fluvanna 6.55

2004 Rueben Jones Charlottesville 6.55

300m: 2013 Raeshawn Bishop Louisa 36.60

500m: 2002 Stephen Carlson Louisa 1:07.9(H)

1000m: 2009 Tyler Stutzman WAHS 2:35.28

1600m: 2008 Tyler Stutzman WAHS 4:21.07

3200m: 2008 Kyle Satterwhite WAHS 9:39.84