The 757 Showdown! 2021

Virginia Beach, VA

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

The 757 Area Code has produced some of the best talent the track and field world has ever seen! Is it coincidence, or is there really somethin in the water??? On Jan 30th & 31st come bring your skills to the Virginia Beach Sports Center and compete against the very best the US has to offer at the 757 SHOWDOWN!

THIS TRACK IS FAST and will be the host to many great meets including VHSL States, NCAA Nationals, and much more! This meet page is for entering clubs/athletes who are high school age. If you are looking to enter as an age-group athlete please use  CoachO.

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Entry Deadline is January 25th at midnight!

Who Can Run At This Meet?

Anyone and Everyone! This meet is club sanctioned so it is open to all athletes high school age and down! No matter what state you are from you can come and compete at this awesome facility.

Important: This meet is NOT VHSL or NFHS sanctioned. If you compete in this event entered under your school or in your school uniform you risk losing eligibility for your school team this academic year.


We have secured the ABSOLUTE BEST RATES available for this meet!  In order to receive these rates you must book before January 27th. Rates are first come first serve. Once the hotel block is full we cannot guarantee the reduced rate.  Click below to book! 

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IMPORTANT SCHEDULE INFO: Athletes and spectators will be able to enter ONLY at their listed event time. After they finish competing they will then exit the building. When the final schedule is posted, that will be the time you may enter, you will run roughly 15-20 minutes after.

EXAMPLE: Girls entered in the 60 Meter Dash and their spectators can enter at 7:30am. Running will begin promptly at 8:00am and conclude at approximately 8:50am. Athletes, coaches, and spectators will then all exit. We will then repeat that entire process for the next running event at 10:00am.

All events will be run following this schedule: Girls Boys. High School, 13-14, 11-12, 9-10, 8-Under. All girls will run then all boys will run following those age-groups.

The 200  and 400 are each slated to take two hours. To stay under the 250 person limit we will be breaking the events into two sessions each. We will let you know which session you are in ahead of time. It will be something like this: Heats 1-20 are in the first session and heats 21-40 are in the second session. Each session will be able to warm-up inside.

Field Event info:

*Minimum Field Event Standards (FOR HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES ONLY)- We will measure your first attempt and after that athletes must meet minimum standard (see minimum standards below). THERE ARE NO MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR AGE GROUP ATHLETES!!!

SP- HSG:28-0, HSB: 38-0

LJ- HSG:16-0, HSB: 19-0

TJ- HSG:30-0, HSB: 38-0

HJ- HSG:4-6, HSB: 5-6 (starting heights)

PV- HSG:7-0, HSB: 9-0 (starting heights)

*LJ, TJ, SP- 4 attempts total

Jumping Events: The venue DOES NOT not allow tape! You must use a half tennis ball for your mark!

Track Event Info:

*60m Dash and 60m Hurdles will have official 55m F.A.T. splits!!!

*We will also have official F.A.T. 1600m splits in the mile as well as 3200m splits in the 2 mile!!!

Mile/ 2 Mile Conversions:

*1600 meter times are acceptable for the mile. Please add 1.5 seconds for boys and 2 seconds for girls. 

*3200 Meter times are acceptable for the two mile. Please add 4 seconds to for both genders. 

Meet Schedule (UPDATED as of 1/5/21):

Saturday, January 30th, 2021

*All events run High School-Age together first then oldest youngest for remaining age-groups

9:00 A.M. Girls 60 Dash Trials 

10:00 A.M. Boys 60 Dash Trials 

11:00 A.M. Girls 2 Mile Run

11:30 A.M. Girls 60 Dash Finals

11:45 A.M. Boys 60 Dash Finals

12:00 P.M. Boys 2 Mile Run

12:45 P.M. Girls 400 Dash

2:00 P.M. Boys 400 Dash

3:15 P.M. Girls 4x800 Relay

3:30 P.M. Boys 4x800 Relay

4:00 P.M. Girls 4x200 Relay

4:30 P.M. Boys 4x200 Relay

Field Events

8:00 A.M. Boys Long Jump, Boys Shot Put

10:00 A.M. Girls Triple Jump

12:00 P.M. Girls Shot Put, Boys High Jump

3:00 P.M. Girls Pole Vault, Boys Pole Vault

Sunday, January 31st, 2021

*All events run High School-Age together FIRST then go oldest youngest for remaining age-groups.

9:00 A.M. Boys 60m Hurdle Trials 

10:00 A.M. Girls 60m Hurdle Trials

11:00 A.M. Girls One Mile Run

12:00 P.M. Boys One Mile Run

1:00 P.M. Girls 60m Hurdle Final

1:10 P.M. Boys 60m Hurdle Final

2:00 P.M. Girls 200m Dash

3:30 P.M. Boys 200m Dash

5:00 P.M. Girls 800m Run

5:30 P.M. Boys 800m Run

6:00 P.M.  Girls 4x400 Relay

6:20 P.M.  Boys 4x400 Relay

Field Events

8:00 A.M. Girls Long Jump, 

10:00 A.M. Boys Triple Jump

12:30 P.M. Girls High Jump


Fees are $15 per individual ENTRY and $40 per relay (plus Paypal 3% processing fee). There are no limits in entries, we will be verifying all times to ensure seeding is properly done. We would prefer to have no "NT" seeds so that we can seed this entire meet and give legitimate estimated time schedules. 

A reminder to coaches: This is an ENTRY fee and not a competition fee.

COVID-19 Protocols

Meet and facility management will be following CDC and State guidelines for hosting the 2021 event. This means there will be face mask requirements and assigned spots for spectators coming to this event. This section will be updated in the late fall as more information is available for how to proceed with an indoor sporting event.

Mask requirements: All spectators and coaches will need to be wearing a mask at all times. There are absolutely no exceptions for an indoor event. This is a private event so if you choose not to wear a mask you are welcome to enjoy our event from the comforts of your own home and watch the live stream.

Athlete mask requirements: All athletes will need to keep a mask on until their section is next on the track. That means once they enter the building they will need a mask on and to keep it on until their section is the next on the track. They will not have to race with it on, but after the race will need to put it on and exit the building soon thereafter.

Capacity: We are currently limited to 250 people in the entire facility at one time. This includes athletes, spectators, coaches, officials, timers, and facility staff. On top of that limit we are limited to JUST 25 PAYING SPECTATORS at one time. We will thus be selling online tickets first come first serve!

Spectator Tickets

Saturday Tickets-Sunday Tickets

$25 - Ticket PER SESSION 

$10 - Coaches' Passes  PER SESSION

SESSIONS WILL BE POSTED HERE once registration closes on Monday, January 25th. 

PRE-SALE TICKET INFO will also be POSTED HERE once registration closes on Monday, January 25th.

Each ticket is non-refundable and good for one person only for that session. There is no minimum age-limit since ultimately the law says people, not adults.

We would loveeeeeee a large crowd, but with the current environment and prevailing restrictions, we are limited on the number of spectators allowed. We realize it is unfortunate that many will not be able to get tickets but are nevertheless happy that athletes get a chance to compete. Thankfully Milesplit will be streaming the meet LIVE so check out the meet page for the live stream link!

If you need any assistance with the meet please contact our Meet Director Vincent Pugh at or 757-284-9424.