Jefferson District Region3C Qualifier Meet 2020

Palmyra, VA

Meet Information


District Region 3C Qualifer Meet 2021


of Meet:
Wednesday, March 31, 2021


of Meet:
Pleasant Grove XC Course, Palmyra, VA

Directors: Scott Morris (434-510-1913), Rose Brogan

(804-380-2637), Melanie Kennedy (434-249-8358)

Time Schedule: (Four races)


pm course opens

4:30 pm  Girls varsity race (top seven from each school



following the girls varsity race will be the Girls open race (next seven girls


5:30 pm  Boys

varsity race (top seven from each school FCHS, WAHS, MHS, CHS)


following the boys varsity race will be the Boys open race (next seven boys



Entry Information: Entry Deadline is March 30, 2021 at 9:00

pm (Password email

 Entries will be done online through Milestat. Please enter all athletes that may run in

the meet. It is easier to have the names in the computer ahead of time even if

they don't actually run in the meet.

 Following the closing of entries on Wednesday March 30, 2021, each coach will receive an

email of their entries on a performance list.

Coaches will need to confirm their entries are correct and declare which 7 runners will compete in the championship race and which 3 runners will be alternates. Coaches are asked to use the

VHSL championship entry form to declare their 10 runners. This form can be

found online at It is under the resource section for Cross Country. Confirmation

and declaration of the 10 athletes needs to emailed to by Wednesday

morning at 9:00 am.

Bib numbers will be assigned to the 10 declared runners.

Any 7 of the 10 can run in the championship race. The other 3 can run in the

open race using their assigned bib number.

For the non-declared runners in the open races, please write their race

number from the performance list on the back of their right hand using a

sharpie marker. We will have sharpies available at the meet. Please write the

number on their hand before their warm-up so that it is easy to read. The

alternates may also run in the open race using their assigned bib or by writing

that bib number on their right hand.

 At the end of each race, finishers are to proceed through the chute to have their

race numbers recorded in the order of finish. If an athlete is unable to

proceed through the chute, please have a coach walk through the chute in that

position with the race number. It is very important that athletes stay in order

through the chute to get the times to match up with each finisher.

 Championship finishers will also receive an index card with their corresponding finishing

place. Coaches are asked to collect these index cards and write the name of the

athlete and school name on it. Please turn in all 7 cards in as soon as

possible at the finish line.


 Due to Covid there will be no awards ceremony at the conclusion of the races. We

will announce at the end of the Girls Open race which two Varsity Teams move on

and what three individuals from the Varsity race move on.
 We will do the same for the Boys at the end of the Boys Open race.


 Buses are to park in the front field.

Spectators will also park in the front field


Admission: No charge, two spectators per athlete


Tents:Team tents will be allowed on the grassy area if front of the house. Be certain to

stay clear from the course.


Trainer:Our school trainer, will be onsite to

provide assistance. They be located near the start/finish area. Please

make sure you bring your own water.


Covid: All Covid

requirements will be followed.


Results:Results will be available for each

team once the final race is completed.Results will also be posted

on milestat.


Region 3C:The top two(2) teams

from the varsity race will progress on to the Regional Championship Meet along

with the top 3 individual finishers excluding those on the two top teams.

Click Here for VHSL paper entry form