Weini Completes The Triple Crown!

Photo by: Nolan Jez

Weini made history this weekend by completing the very rare triple crown of a Foot Locker National XC Title, an indoor 5K title and the outdoor 5K title as well. She didn't have anything on her side though as they switched the event order just before she ran and she faced some horrible gusty conditions throughout the race. Both of those didn't deter her from chasing that record and another national title. 

In her normal fashion she opened in a blistering 3:02.60 through 1K and 4:58 through 1600. She then faced a couple difficult laps that saw her splitting 1:20-1:22 but still managed to pass through 3K in 9:39. That split would rank US #12 this year and she ran that en route. 

Despite all the windy conditions and a tough middle third of the race, she pulled it together for the final few laps and closed in 1:19 and 1:18 to cross the line in 16:24.69.