The Western Branch SHR Quartet Makes It 4 In A Row!

GREENSBORO, Nc. - The quartet of Ross, Tilmon, Terrell, and Ballard continued the Bruin this tradition by winning their fourth outdoor shuttle hurdle relay title in a row. Not only did the continue their winning streak but they also did so in speedy fashion crossing the line in 55.89 which is US #2 all-time behind their own school record. 

After these many years of winning they seem to have figured out the perfect strategy as they front loaded the relay and never looked back.

"We want to put pressure on the other teams" - Coach Claude Toukene

This strategy definitely worked as the really did never look back and put some serious pressure on the teams around them. The Bulls of Miami Northwestern gave chase for three legs but unfortunately hit the ground before the tenth hurdle on third leg. They ended up second.