Flashback: 7 Story Lines, 7 Predictions, and 7 Must-See Races

#6 Libby's New Approach = Foot Locker National Title?

Libby is a racer. She loves racing and is pretty good at it as well. She also have been a fan of the longer distances and looks to be more of a 10K runner at times than a two miler. 

That affinity for distance and races has for years led to her racing seemingly three times a week all year. This is not the case this year as she has already skipped two of the meets she would have normally run. 

Her coach commented that this season is going to be different, all of the focus is on December and November this year. 

Libby isn't trying to make the Foot Locker team, she is trying to win the Foot Locker National title. She has finished 6th there the past two years and travels very well unlike some athletes. She loves the hills and knows the course, this really could be her year. 

With this change in her scheduling that means we definitely won't see her run a lot this year and may not see her race in Virginia until late October. 

She already holds the state meet record for XC and has run 16:40 indoors... the question though this year is can she culminate her historic career with yet another fairytale ending? Can she break the state record of 16:20, break her own state meet record, and then win the Foot Locker National title?

If you aren't considering saying yes to those three questions, you must not understand Libby and how good she is.