Flashback: 7 Story Lines, 7 Predictions, and 7 Must-See Races

7 Predictions For The XC Season

Each year we like to make some bold predictions. Sometimes they are borderline insane and other times they are home runs. Of course, these seven you can take to the bank because they are definitely going to happen!

#7 Two Homeschooled Athletes (Pratt & Jantomaso) Will Make Foot Locker Nationals

#6 Waleed Suliman Will Enter Foot Locker Nationals Undefeated

#5 Both State Meet Records Will Be Broken 

#4 Loudoun Valley Will Sweep The 4A Team Titles 

#3 VA Will Have A State Record 4 Guys Break 15:00

#2 Rachel McArthur Will Win 6A State Title in a photo finish

#1 Libby Davidson Will Win Foot Locker National Title