Frosh Feature: Emily Smeds of Fluvanna County

Virginia may have yet another young star from central Virginia. Emily Smeds, who will be a freshman at Fluvanna County next week, is already on our radar thanks to a stellar second leg from her in the Ragged Mt Cup relay race. On that leg she brought her team from third up to first ahead of Western and Albemarle with her 12:07 two mile split. 

Now 12:07 is fast regardless who you are. It would rank roughly 180th in track but is way more impressive than that because it was run on a wet and hilly Panorama Farms course. This is the same course that saw Jodi Tolarchyk run 18:11 last year and follow it up with a 17:49 at MileStat. Basically what we are saying is that 12:07 on that course is close to an 11:15 on the track. 

Check out Emily's Athlete Profile Here

Emily isn't only a super distance star but it looks like she could have a strong future all across the board. She boasts a 20:52 full 5K best from her 8th grade year and a 2:37 800 showing her wide range. Now 12:07 isn't quite sub 18:00 minute pace yet but considering that the course and competition it goes without saying that Emily has a real shot at breaking 18:00 this year. 

Emily has a long way to go in her career and lots of training to get through first but the writing is on the wall that she is a talented young athlete and could make some history. Until then we will have to wait and see. 

*Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Emily finished second in the Ragged MT Cup race but she actually finished third. Both Zoe Clay and state champion Ryann Helmers finished in front of her.