Chancellor Invitational Boys Recap

New course, different weather, but the same champion would be how to describe this year's race. Just like last year, it was Dan O'Brien of Virginia Episcopal winning the Varsity race in a quick time of 16:47. Team wise Patriot took home the highest honor with 81 points. 

Race Videos - Photo Gallery 

After last year's monsoon of a meet it was a no-brainer that this year's race would be better. That unfortunately did not mean much faster as there was a big course change. The course change did make the race much tougher but it also made it more exciting and way more indicative of how this season will go. 

The race itself started with a nice uphill climb and a loop around the upper fields for the first mile. After that point there was a group of just three athlete - O'Brien, Ethan Pettyjohn, and Zachary Diller - began to separate from the pack. Up the hill they went, together pushing to the second mile mark.

Meet Results 

After that point though defending champion Dan O'Brien made a huge move and dropped the field. He went on to win the race by 30 seconds with Pettyjohn in second (17:17) and Mitch Dolby (17:20) in third. Here are the other top 15 finishers. 

 1Daniel O'Brien 11Virginia Episcopal School 16:47.70 0
 2Ethan Pettyjohn 10Orange County 17:17.50 1
 3Mitch Dolby 12James Monroe 17:19.20 2
 4William Snead 12James Monroe 17:20.60 3
 5Hunter Fowlie 12Mount Vernon 17:33.60 4
 6Justin Sriver 12Patriot High School 17:36.00 5
 7Paul Sepulveda 12Stafford High School 17:37.00 6
 8Ryan Hamacher 12Patriot High School 17:38.30 7
 9Dillon Fields 12Riverbend High School 17:40.80 8
 10Daniel Ferrante 11County Christian High School 17:44.20 0
 11Nathanael Ferrante 11County Christian High School 17:44.40 0
 12Nathan Notgrass 11Stafford High School 17:47.20 9
 13Zachary Diller 12Forest Park 17:52.20 10
 14Josh Daggett 11Riverbend High School 18:04.80 11
 15Liam Polhamus 11Patriot High School 18:09.30 12

Team wise it was a two dog race between Patriot and Stafford who finished 1-2 with 81 and 97 points. Stafford had their first four in before Patriot had four but after that it was all Patriot who actually had six in before Stafford. See the team scores below. 

1Patriot High School815+7+12+25+32 (39)1:20 1-5 Split | 18:11 Avg
2Stafford High School976+9+17+19+46 (62+99)1:54 1-5 Split | 18:19 Avg
3Chancellor13813+26+28+35+36 (66)0:59 1-5 Split | 18:47 Avg
4James Monroe1432+3+14+30+94 (114+133)3:22 1-5 Split | 18:29 Avg
5Forest Park17310+22+38+50+53 (54)1:41 1-5 Split | 18:56 Avg