These Two Athletes Could Be The First In The Nation To...

Two athletes headed to the VA Showcase this year have a chance at making history beyond our imagination. Those two athletes are Kayla Davis and Justin Robinson. Both are doubling the 300 and 500 meter dashes. 

There are three things each of them is trying to achieve and each one brings these races up another level in this already high-stakes meet. 

The first each of them is trying to do is obviously win the race.

Robinson will race first in the 300 and will be facing off with Sean Burrell of Louisiana and Ashton Allen of Maryland who each own some very fast times. This race is essentially a national championship final. 

Just twenty hours later Robinson will toe the line in the 500m dash, for the first time in his career, where he will again face tough elite competition. 

Kayla on the other hand will be racing in the 500m dash on Friday where she is squaring off with Athing Mu and Michaela Rose. Mu is the American record holder at 600m and won the 400 at the VA Showcase a year ago (52.55). Rose is the defending 800m national champion outdoors and was national runner-up in the 400m hurdles.

Davis will follow her 500m run with a 300m sprint on Saturday. In this race the field is just as stacked with Kimberly Harris, Shawnti Jackson, and a few others slated to compete. This is a race where 37.5 just isn't going to cut it.