Be The First To Compete At VA Beach's New Track, Set Records

One of the best parts about running a new track is getting to set records. In fact, the first meet at the brand new Virginia Beach Sports Center (VBSC) is a new meet as well, the VA Opener. That means every victorious athlete will hold both the facility and meet record, for at least a few weeks. 

The city of Virginia Beach is excited to have one of the nation's best tracks and to be able to host events this year amid the ongoing pandemic. Meets however are going to look very different. 

The VA Opener for one will be limiting spectators and athletes in the building at one time. They have said they will be breaking it up event by event in a way that allows all athletes a chance to warm-up some inside and have at least one spectator per athlete as well. You can see more about all of this on their meet page. 

More meets will be here but with changing rules and sanctioning this list is currently incomplete. 

Registration is open to all for these club events at the new VBSC:

12/4-5: VA Beach Opener Meet Page & Registration

1/15-17: VA Showcase Meet Page & Registration