VA Showcase, Two Months Until Records Fall

Girls 800m Run

Each year there is one event that just stands above the rest, this year it is without a doubt the girls 800. This is also one of the events where we not only have early entries but we have final entries as well since meet management has capped it at six entries. 

Entered you have the US #1, US #2, US #3, US #4, US #6, and US #10 returners in one epic race. The names include Juliette Whittaker, Roisin Willis, Michaela Rose, Makayla Paige, Taylor James, and the youngest of the bunch but now with the fastest time, Sophia Gorriaran

Each girl brings something unique to this competition and that is what makes it so exciting. Whittaker enters as US #1 returner based on indoor times and owns one of the fastest 1K times in US history. Willis enters as US #2 returner and still the defending indoor 800m national champion. Rose enters as the hometown athlete, US #4 returner, and defending outdoor national champion. Paige enters as the US #6 returner and an All-American. James enters as the tenth ranked returner nationally and as a speedy threat considering she is defending champion in Colorado for the 200, 400, and 800! Finally, you also have Gorriaran who would be ranked US #3 on last year's indoor times but US #1 based on her personal best of 2:02.9 from this summer. 

All six of these girls have different strengths and strategies but you could say their goal is the same. Win and break the national record. That record is 2:01.78 and is definitely within range for quite a few of these girls. Expect the winner to have no choice but to run faster than that record if they want to beat any one of these stars.