Indoor and Outdoor Track Combined Awards

Here are your award winners for the combined indoor and outdoor track seasons. These are ranked based on a multitude of measurements including state meet performances, all-time placements, end of the year rankings, head-to-head matchups, national championship placement, and other criteria. 

Below and on the following pages you will find a total of 21 award winners. We start with the classification awards and then move progressively more prestigious. Each further listed award is harder to receive based on the number of people across more divisions and distances the athletes would have to compete.

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Classification Award Winners

Class 6 Athletes of The Year

Alvin Jones (Oscar Smith) 

Class 5 Athlete of The Year

Kaitlyn Cook (L.C. Bird) 

Class 4 Athlete of The Year

Shinobu Hawk (Grafton) 

Class 3 Athlete of The Year

Theresa Breckley (Culpepper) 

Class 2 Athlete of The Year

Stuart Pirtle (Mountain View) 

Class 1 Athlete of The Year

Reece Rhodes (Lancaster)

VISAA Athlete of The Year

Charlie Ortmans (Potomac School)