Parry McCluer Brothers Go 1-2 At States

This past weekend at the VHSL Class 1 state championships it was a family affair with Kovyk Chandler and Kebryl Chandler going 1-2 for Parry McCluer. That finish helped the team also secure the Class 1 team title. 

Leading the way for Parry McCluer was Kovyk who all season has been the guy to beat when it came to Class 1. His season best of 15:31 (MileStat) held his spot all season long. 

Though Kovyk was the favorite and performed as such with his 15:54 winning time, it was fun to see his freshmen brother Kebryl slowly making his way up all season long. 

At the start of the season, the difference between the two brothers was 80 seconds. Then it was 32 seconds at the Alleghany Invitational. Then at regionals it was just 13 seconds and finally at states it was just five seconds. 

Kebryl's finish as state runner-up was the best among all freshmen in the state of Virginia. He was just one of four boys in the entire state that finished with all-state honors as a freshmen. 

The interesting thing to come though will be seeing these two brothers battle it out for some track titles both indoors and outdoors. 

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