Great Meadow Invitational 2007

The Plains, VA
Hosted by Mountain View


Stunning Results in Virginia Sep 09, 2007

Surprises, and upsets, were all the rage Saturday at the Great Meadow Invitational, in Virginia.  Nursing a few injuries, boys US #10 Midlothian, VA, took a disappointing fourth.  However, Midlothian senior Jason Witt earned himself the individual title.  Meanwhile, girls US #2 Midlothian, VA, took care of business, placing their top five in the top twenty-six, while team leader Louise Hannallah finished first. 

2007 Great Meadow Invitational Sep 08, 2007

Photos taken by Linda D'Amato from the 2007 Great Meadow Invitational held at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia on Saturday, September 8th.