The VA Showcase Presented By The US Air Force 2019

Lynchburg, VA

Meet Information


The VA Showcase is simply the best meet in the entire nation and emblematic of what track & field is. It is a meet both for the ELITE and EVERY athlete by having both "Invitational" and regular events.

After some major changes, the 2018 installment of this meet saw two WORLD RECORDS, a national record, and a staggering 17 US #1 performances. Best of all, the meet finished a combined 4 hours ahead of schedule over the course of competition.

2017 -Press Release on top entered athletes

2018 - Press Release on top entered athletes/teams

If you are interested in attending, want your name included in the verbal committed list or have any questions please contact Nolan Jez at

Meet sanctioning questions should be addressed to the meet director, Vincent Pugh ( )


More Info To Be Added in Late 2018

Address (or at least the closest one to the facility): 1501 Liberty Mountain Drive

Lynchburg, VA 24502

Admission Fee:

$10- per person

$30- VIP 2 Day pass (finish line seats)


Fees are $15 per individual ENTRY and $40 per relay ENTRY. There are no limits in entries, we will be verifying all times to ensure seeding is properly done. We would prefer to have no "NT" seeds so that we can seed this entire meet and give legitimate estimated time schedules.

A reminder to coaches: This is an ENTRY fee and not a competition fee.

Checks should be made out to "VA Showcase"

Checks should be mailed to:

VA Showcase

3312 Pond Chase Ct.

Midlothian, VA 23113

2019 VA Showcase Schedule--Final

Updated 12/22/2018


Thursday January 17th, 2019

6:30pm - 10pm Open Practice for all teams

Invitational events WILL BE RUN ON TIME, we will not move ahead for Invitational Events. All Invitational Events will be run slow to fast, all non-invitational events will be run fast-slow unless otherwise noted.

Running Event Schedule

Friday January 18th, 2019

9:00am: Facility Opens/Track Opens

11:30am: Coaches Meeting Day 1

12:30pm: Boys & Girls NB 200m Qualifier (No #1 athletes allowed)

1:00pm: Girls 1600m Run

2:30pm: Boys 1600m Run

1:00pm: Girls 55m Hurdles Prelims (Blocks for 1st 50 ranked athletes)

2:30pm: Boys 55m Hurdles Prelims (Blocks for 1st 50 ranked athletes)

3:20pm: Girls 55m Dash Prelims (Blocks for 1st 50 ranked athletes)

4:00pm: Boys 55m Dash Prelims (Blocks for 1st 50 ranked athletes)

Begin Invitational Events

4:30pm: Championship Girls 4x400 Top Section

4:36pm: AAU Girls 60m Dash Semi Finals (2 Sections)

4:40pm: Championship Boys 4x400 Top Section

0pm Boys Invitational Distance Medley Relay *One Section

5:05pm: Girls Invitational Distance Medley Relay *One Section

5:25pm: Girls Invitational Mile - Top 2 Sections- (F.A.T. 1600 & Mile)

5:40pm: AAU Girls Invitational Mile (1 Section Final)

5:40pm - 6:15pm: Boys then Girls 4x55 SHR

:55pm: Boys Invitational Mile - Top 3 Sections- (F.A.T. 1600 & Mile)

6:15pm: Girls Invitational 300m Dash (Top 5 Sections)

6:25pm: Boys Invitational 300m Dash (Top 5 Sections)

6:35pm: Boys 1 Mile Race Walk

6:45pm: Girls 3K Race Walk

7:05pm: AAU Girls Invitational 400m Dash (1 Section Final)

7:10pm: Boys Invitational 4xMile Relay *One Section

Begin Rolling Schedule

7:30pm: Girls 300m Dash (First 5 Sections w/ blocks)

8:25pm: Boys 300m Dash (First 5 Sections w/ blocks)

Field Events Schedule

Friday January 18th, 2019

1:00pm: Girls Triple Jump (Both pits), Boys Shot Put, Girls High Jump

3:30pm: Girls Unseeded Pole Vault

5:30pm: Girls Invitational Triple Jump, Boys Invitational Long Jump

7:30pm: Boys Long Jump (Both pits)

8:00pm: Girls Invitational High Jump, Girls Invitational Pole Vault, Boys Invitational Shot Put

Track/Facility Closes at 10:00pm

Saturday January 19th, 2019

7:00am: Facility Opens

7:30am: Track Opens

8:10am: Coaches Meeting --Day 2--(Coaches need to attend each day's meeting if an athlete is competing that day)

Running Events

8:00am-12:00pmRolling Schedule

8:00am: Girls Unseeded 3200m Run

9:00am: Boys Unseeded 3200m Run

10:00am: Girls 4x800m Relay Sections (Unseeded first)

11:00am: Boys 4x800m Relay Sections (Unseeded first)

Completion of 4x8s until 11:55pm Track Oval Open for 4x200 exchange practice only

Opening Ceremony & National Anthem

Invitational Events

12:00pm Girls Invitational Sprint Medley Relay *Two Sections (12)

12:10pm Boys Invitational Sprint Medley Relay *Two Sections (12)

12:20pm: Girls 55m Hurdles Final (8)

12:25pm: Boys 55m Hurdles Final (8)

12:30pm: Girls 55m Dash Final (8)

12:35pm: Boys 55m Dash Final (8)

12:40pm: AAU Girls 60m Dash Final

pm: Girls Invitational Two Mile *One Section

1:05pm: Boys Invitational Two Mile *One Section

1:20pm: Girls Invitational 4x200m Relay *Top 4 Sections

1:35pm: Boys Invitational 4x200m Relay *Top 4 Sections

:50pm: Girls Invitational 1000m Run *One Section***

:55pm: Boys Invitational 1000m Run *One Section***

2:00pm AAU Girls Invitational 600m Run (Separate Meet)

2:05pm: AAU Girls Invitational 200m Dash (Separate Meet)

2:10pm AAU Girls Invitational Two Mile Run (One Section Final)

Boys & Girls 500 Invitational after 4x200m Relays

Begin Rolling Schedule

:25pm: Girls 4x200m Relay

:00pm: Boys 4x200m Relay

3:35pm: Girls Invitational 500m Dash *Top 5 Sections

3:50pm: Boys Invitational 500m Dash *Top 5 Sections

4:05pm: Girls 1000m Run

:05pm: Boys 1000m Run

:05pm: Girls 500m Dash

7:00pm: Boys 500m Dash

7:50pm: Girls 4x400m Relay (all but top section)

8:30pm: Boys 4x400m Relay (all but top section)

Field Events

Saturday January 19th, 2019

8:30am: Girls Shot Put, Boys Pole Vault

9:00am: Boys Triple Jump (Both Pits), Boys High Jump

2:30pm: Boys Invitational Triple Jump, Girls Invitational Long Jump, Girls Invitational Shot Put

4:00pm: AAU Girls Invitational High Jump (Separate Meet by Invite)

4:10pm: Girls Long Jump (Both Pits)

5:00pm: Boys Invitational Pole Vault, Boys Invitational High Jump

6:30pm: AAU Mixed Pole Vault Exhibition (Boys and Girls Combined)

Sunday January 20th, 2019 (AAU ONLY)

AAU Registration Site

10:00am - Doors Open

10:45am - 1500m Run (Young to Old)

55m Hurdles (During 1500s) (Young to Old)

55m Dash (During 1500s) (Young to Old)

4x800m Relay (Young to Old)

4x200m Relay (Young to Old)

400m Dash (Young to Old)

3000m Run (Young to Old)

200m Dash (Young to Old)

800m Run (Young to Old)

4x400m Relay (Young to Old)

Field Events

Boys Long Jump & Girls Long Jump Followed by Triple Jumps

Girls Shot Put Followed by Boys Shot Put

Girls High Jump Followed by Boys High Jump

There will be no guaranteed refunds due to cancellation. If weather and cancellation becomes a likely outcome we will email all coaches and make them aware of the situation and what will be done.


Meet management is excited to announce The Holiday Inn Downtown & Fairfield Inn & Suites as our host hotels! These hotel will feature many added amenities.

Special Notes:

**We will have F.A.T. cameras at the 1500/1600/3000/3200 marks and Mile/2 Mile finish for the invitational sections of the Mile/Two Mile. For certain invitational events we will have en route F.A.T. splits as well.


Updated information will be posted one month out from the meet, if you would like your state sanctioned please reach out to Meet Director Vincent Pugh. His email is listed above. This meet will be sanctioned for NFHS International competition and the following states: VA, MD, DC, NC, TN, OH, PA, NY, NJ, MA, DE, CT and others.

Meet management is also excited to announce this meet being a NSAF Select Meet. For more information about the NSAF and entry into the National Championship, see their website here!

More In-depth Track Information

This new facility is the best in Virginia and one of the best in the entire nation. It features a 200m hydraulically banking track. This means it will move up and down in terms of its incline based on the event happening. The Two Mile runs will be nearer a flat track while the 300m dash will have the bank all the way up.

The facility has double horizontal straights, area for two high jump competitions, two pole vault competitions, eight sprint/hurdle lanes on the infield of the oval and a 50ft by 100m team area on the second floor. That area will be an overlook stretching nearly the entire length of the facility.

On the other side of that overlook is a 100m long rubberized warmup track.

Invitational Events

These events include everything except the 4x800 which will be run right before the start of Saturday's Invitational events. Normal timed finals that are run fast to slow.

Invitational events will be the top 10-15 or top flight of athletes entered into each event. These events will be run off at the exact time listed on the time schedule. In events where there are multiple sections the event will run slow to fast and in distance races have the top seed on the far outside.

In the 4x200 and 300 we will be running lanes 3-6. Seeding for lanes will be done by meet management and based on a combination of current season bests and realistic predictions of what someone could run if they do not have a time. Preference of lanes for lane races on the oval are 4-5-6-3-2-1.

Once again, if you have any questions please reach out to Nolan Jez via email:

Meet Management
Meet Director: Vincent Pugh
Director of Operations (Co-Meet Director): Tom Cuffe
Director of Security: Jake Killebrew
Head Clerk: Nikole John
Meet Referee: Frank Brown III
Head Finish Line Official: Yolanda Wallace
Volunteer Coordinator: Halle Paauw (LCA)
Meet Founder: Nolan Jez
2019 Honorary Meet Referee(s): TBA

VA Showcase Alumni

World Record Holders

Bullis School Girls 4x2, Brian Herron Boys 300

NCAA Champions

Lynna Irby, Sammy Watson

National Record Holders

Lake Braddock Girls DMR, Bullis School Girls 4x2, Katelyn Tuohy Girls 5K, Tyrese Cooper Boys 300, Brian Herron Boys 300.