Complete Results

Richmond Road Runners Summer Series Meet #6
August 1, 2018
University of Richmond


2:01.2	Jeff Strojny
2:09.1	Josh Fournier
2:10.6	Ryan Konechny
2:14.1	Daniel LaFever	
2:21.0	H. Brower ?
2:25.4	Alyson McGonigle
2:29.7	Marisa Rushan
2:30.9	Nathan Heinicke-Peart
2:31.5	Teal Burrell
2:32.4	Kasandra Aulenbach
2:35.0	Lewis Waweru
2:33.6	Chagjwok Deng
2:34.0	Reavis Lounsburg ?
2:34.4	Randy Mudd
2:35.2	Rusty Burrell
2:39.7	Jacob Sumner
2:49.6	Christie Sumner
2:52.2	Jackie Merrick
3:01.9	Sophia Vilar
3:07.7	Tom Visotsky
3:09.1	Sibyl Harrell
3:09.3	Dave Brigham
3:40.9	Charles Beverage
3:41.6	Blake Derricott
3:42.1	Alex Scott
3:42.9	Bill Kelly
4:09.1	William Chadim
4:12.7	Linda Gulick
4:31.5	Miriam Sumner
4:34.6	Reginald Daniles
4:35.4	Micki Sumner
4:38.2	Teayam Deng
4:39.4	Metijwok Deng

8k Two Person Alternating 400’s Relay

24:38.3	Tiel Westbrook and Joe Van Ess
25:11.3	Chad Foltz and Connor Moses
25:14.3	Ryan Murphy and Jeff Strojny
26:36.6	Jackie Morgan and Amanda MacEnroe
28:02.8	Rerris and Jack Hatcher	
28:56.0	Jenn Ennis and Sarahbeth Jones
29:08.0	Rachel and Randy
29:08.4	Jacob and Christie Sumner
29:12.5	Josh Fournier and Sophia Vilar
29:49.9	Zach Davis and Alyson
30:20.8	Changjwok Deng and Lewis Waweru
31:14.2	Craig Heinicke and Nathan Heinicke-Peart
32:27.7	Jim Davenport and Charles Beverage Over 60 Record
35:50.2	Doc Thomas and Nici Rhodes
40:28.3	Linda Gulick and Bobby Orndorff
40:44.2	Reginald Daniels and Tom Visotsky
Unfortunately injury prevented one of the teams from finishing

Predict – A – Time Mile
Predicting 8:10 and running 8:10.4 M McPhillips won the final predict-a-time mile for the 2018 season

This marked the end of the RRR Summer Series Meets – We hope you enjoyed the experience and will be back next year.

We would like to thank the University of Richmond and the Taylors for hosting the meets – It is good to be back home where the Series started back in the 60’s.
Special thanks to Jon Molz for taking care of us and stepping in when we needed help
Thanks to the Richmond Road Runners for sponsoring these meets over the last few decades
Special thanks to the officials: Glen, Suzen, Jonathan, Nici, Doc, Charlene, Crystal, and the Road Runner Volunteers who helped at registration, our starter, Vaughan Laprade and the one and only Dave Gammon.
Thanks to Nolan Jez for his continual support and that of