National District Indoor Track and Field Championships 2021

Falls Church, VA
Hosted by Falls Church
Timing/Results Northern Region

Meet Information

020-2021 National District Indoor Track and Field Championships

Date, Site, Time: 

Day 1  Saturday, February 6th 2021 @ Falls Church High School 

Day 2: Monday, February 8th 2021 @ Falls Church High School

Scratch Meeting: Tuesday, February 2nd 7:30pm (Virtual) Link will be provided

Director: Bobby Krause, DSA, Falls Church High School (703)207-4025

Entry Deadline: All entries must be entered on Milestat by 11:59am on Sunday, January 31st 2021 . Password to enter online on milestat is National. Performance list will be sent to coaches by 2:00pm on Sunday, January 31st.

Admission: TBD, $7.00 if spectators are allowed.

Scoring: 10-8-6-4-2-1 for all events

Awards: Championship plaques for boys and girls team champions. Medals for 1st through 4th places in individual events. Relay medals for 1st through 4th places. 

Entries: Each school may enter three (3) individuals in each event. Athletes may be entered with NT or ND for this year only.

Event Limitation: 84-4-3 -In one meet a contestant may compete in any number of field events but shall be limited to participation in only three running events, except that a contestant who competes in the 3200 meter run may compete in only one other running event on the same day. In any meet contested over two days, a contestant competing in the 3200 meter run may compete in two additional running events as long as only one of the two is contested on the same day as the 3200 meter run. 

Note: The one minute rule will apply in the throws and horizontal jumps. The one minute rule will be waived for vertical jumps to allow time for athletes to place and remove sanitary tarps. Athletes who check out of a field event to compete in a running event will be given 10 minutes to return from the time of check out.

Scratches: Any scratches in any seeded or sectioned running event following coaches scratch meeting will not disqualify an individual from all subsequent running events, but will count towards the individuals event limitation

Rules: The 2020 National Federation Rule book and the 2020-2021 edition of the Virginia High School League Handbook are in effect. 

Reporting: In events run by heats, all runners must report to the clerk on first call and if they do not report by the third call, they will be scratched from that individual event. 

Track: inch pyramid spike are allowed at Falls Church High School.

Long/Triple/Shotput: Three jumps or throws in prelims. The best seven performers will be given an additional three jumps in finals. 

Uniforms: Participants will be required to wear team uniforms while competing. Meet numbers will be issued to each school and required to be worn on the front of the uniform. Running athletes will get hip numbers when they check in for their running events. Hip numbers will be worn on the left hip. In relay events each team member shall wear the same color and design school uniform, jersey and trunks. 

Track Athlete/Field Athlete/Coach of the Year : During the 3200 meter run on day 2 all head coaches will report to the meet director to vote for Athlete of the year and Coach of the year. There will be a field event athlete of the year, track athlete of the year and a coach of the year for both genders.

Automatic Qualifying: There are no automatic qualifying standards for 2020-2021 National District Indoor Track and Field Championships. Each school is limited to a maximum of three entries into the meet.

Considerations for weather and COVID

If the meet is canceled due to weather and/or COVID and can not be made up the following procedures will be used.

Advancement to Regional Championships: Top 3 athletes will be advanced to their respective region championships based on the top three athletes on the National District Indoor Track and Field Championships entry form after the scratch meeting. If multiple athletes have the same performance (ie: 2 athletes at 5-0 in the HJ) they will both advance. 

Determining a team champion: Team champion recognition will be awarded to the team that acrews the most points based on the National District Indoor Track and Field Championships Entry list when it is published following the scratch meeting.

*** Determining if the meet will occur:

IF an entire team can not compete we will host the meet but use the best of season to determine who advances to the regional championship.