National District Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2020

Falls Church, VA
Hosted by Falls Church

Meet Information

2021 National District Outdoor Track and Field Culminating Event

Scratch Meeting:Monday May 24th 2021 @ Falls Church HS Little Theater (Door 2) @ 6:30pm  

Date, Site, Time:Wednesday May 26th 2021 and Thursday May 27th 2021

Field Events:

Wednesday May 26th 2021 @ 4:45 PM: 

Boys Long Jump (pit 1) and Girls Triple Jump (pit 2)

Girls High Jump 

Boys Pole Vault

Girls Shot put

Boys Discus

Thursday May 27th @ 4:45 PM

Girls Long Jump (pit 1) and Boys Triple Jump (pit 2)

Boys High Jump

Girls Pole Vault

Girls Discus

Boys Shot Put

Director:Bobby Krause, DSA Falls Church HS contact email

Admission:General Admission is $6.00.  Athletes will be checked in at the gate by the Ticket booth at the stadium entrance.

Passes:The Occoquan Region Council pass policy will apply.  No passes from individual schools will be honored.

Entry Deadline:All entries must be submitted by Sunday, May 23rd 2021 by 11:59am via Milestat. No additional entries will be accepted after the entry deadline. If an athlete scratches from an event after the entry deadline it will count towards event limitation but will not disqualify the athlete from the rest of the meet.

Scoring:10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 1 for all events.

Awards: Medals to top 3 in individual event and top 3 relays. Championship plaques to each winning team.

Entries:Each school may enter up to three athletes in each event. There are no additional qualifying standards.

Event Limitation:In one meet a contestant may compete in any number of field events but shall be limited to participation in only three running events, except that contestant who competes in the 3200m run may compete in only one other running event that same day.  

No event in the meet is to be held up because a participant is engaged in another event.  If a contestant is entered in a field event which conflicts in the time schedule with a track event in which he/she is entered, they shall make advance arrangements with the official in charge of the field event to postpone his/her trials until after the track event has been run. No track event will be held up to accommodate a contestant who is competing in a field event. In a two day meet a 3200 meter runner may compete in a total of three individual events if that third event is the 4X800m relay and that event is held on the first day of competition

Note:The one minute rule will apply in all field events. Minimum Pole vault standards 15

Scratches:  Any scratches in any seeded or sectioned event following the coaches meeting will not disqualify an individual from all subsequent running events but it will count as one of the three max running events (athletes entered in the 3200 should only be entered in one other event) 

Reporting Each contestant in a running event shall report to the Clerk of Course by the 1st call.  Failure to report by the third call will result in a scratch.

Call for Events:First Call 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event.

Second Call 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event

Third Call 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the event.

Track:Flats or spikes may be used. No other type of spike may be worn.  BLOCKS will be available.

Field Events:High Jump Boys: Opening height to be determined at scratch meeting raise 2 inches until height of 6 and then 0ne inch thereafter.

Girls High Jump: Opening height to be determined at scratch meeting raised two inches until height of 50and one inch thereafter.

Pole Vault Boys: Opening height to be determined at scratch meeting being raised six inches until 116 and then by three inches.

Pole Vault Girls: Opening height to be determined at scratch meeting being raised six inches until 86 and then by three inches.

Uniforms:Participants will be required to wear team uniforms while competing.  In the event no sizes are available for a participant, that schools Director of Student Activities shall notify the Tournament Director prior to competition.  Meet numbers will be issued to each school and required to be worn before being permitted to compete.  In relay events each team member shall wear the same color and design school uniform Jersey & trunks. When other apparel is worn under their jersey by more than one team member, that apparel must be identical. Numbers go in the front for all events.

Rules:Each coach is directed to instruct their squad to remain in stands or outside the fence except when competing or warming up for their event.  No coach will be allowed on the track or in the infield during any field or running event once the competition has started. There will be dedicated coaches areas for all field events.Electronic equipment will not be allowed in competition areas (example, check in area, field event locations).

2021 National District Track and Field 

Outdoor Culminating Event

May 26 and 27 2021 @ Falls Church High School

Wednesday May 26th @ 4:15 PMCoaches Meeting

Field Events - Finals

4:15Weigh and certify Boys Discus, Girls Shot put, pole vault weigh ins and pole verification 

4:45Boys Discus 

Girls Shot Put

Boys Long Jump (pit1) and Girls Triple Jump (pit 2)

Girls High Jump Followed by Boys High Jump

5:00Girls pole vault followed by Boys pole vault

Running Events- Preliminaries

5:45Girls 4X800 Meter Relay - Final

6:00Boys 4X800 Meter Relay - Final

6:10Girls 100m High Hurdles Semi-Finals

6:15 Boys 110m High Hurdles Semi-Finals

6:30Girls 100m Dash Semi-Finals

6:40Boys 100m Dash Semi-Finals

6:50Girls 400m Dash Semi-Finals

7:00Boys 400m Dash Semi-Finals

7:25Boys 300m Hurdles Semi-Finals

7:40Girls 200m Dash Semi-Finals

7:50Boys 200m Dash Semi-Finals

2021 National District Track and Field 

Outdoor Culminating Event

May 26th and 27th Falls Church High School

Thursday May 27th 2020
Field Events: start times are approximate

4:15 Weigh and certify Girls Discus Boys shot 

4:45Girls Long Jump (pit 1) and Boys Triple Jump (pit 2)

Girls Discus 

Boys Shot Put

5:15National Anthem

5:20Introduction of Coaches and Teams

Running Events - Finals

5:30Girls 100m High Hurdle Finals

5:35Boys 110m High Hurdle Finals

5:40Girls 100m Dash Finals

5:45Boys 100m Dash Finals

5:50Girls 1600m Run (Finals on time)

6:05Boys 1600m Run (Finals on time)

6:20Girls 400m Relay Finals

6:25Boys 400m Relay Finals

6:30Girls 400m Dash Finals

6:35Boys 400m Dash Finals

6:40Girls 300m Hurdles Finals

6:45 Boys 300m Hurdles Finals

6:50Girls 800m Run (Finals on time)

7:00Boys 800m Run (Finals on time)

7:10Girls 200m Dash Finals

7:15Boys 200m Dash Finals

7:20Girls 3200m Run (Finals on time)

7:35Boys 3200m Run (Finals on time)

7:45Girls 1600m Relay (Finals on time)

7:55Boys 1600m Relay (Finals on time)