East Coast Invitational 2009

Richmond, VA
Hosted by Maggie Walker

Meet Information

Dear Coach,

The Richmond Track & Field Club is very pleased to invite you and your athletes to the 50th annual East Coast Invitational Indoor Track & Field Meet to be held at the Arthur Ashe Center on January 2 & 3, 2009. As in the past, athletes will be selected for the Metro Richmond, Metro Invitational, and Virginia Invitational divisions according to their reputation and past performance. Because of the large number of entries expected, it may not be possible to select all of the entries you submit. Under no circumstances should any school enter more than three (3) athletes in any one event. As entry fees for those not selected will not be refunded, you will want to enter only those athletes who have a reasonable chance of being selected. To guide you in this effort we have enclosed a set of minimum standards. Meeting these standards will not guarantee selection, but athletes unable to meet the standards WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Please follow the entry instructions carefully, and return your entries on or before the entry deadline. FINAL SELECTIONS WILL BE POSTED ON MILESTAT.COM ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2008. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW REVISED TIME SCHEDULE.

Yours truly,
The Games Committee

Boys Standards
55m Hurdles - 12.0
55m Dash - 7.5
300m Dash - 45.0
500m Run - 1:25.0
1000m Run - 3:20.0
1600m Run - 6:00.0
3200m Run - 12:30.0
Long Jump - 17'0" (16'0")*
Triple Jump - 35'0" (33'0")*
Shot Put - 35'0" (33'0")*
High Jump - 5'0"
Pole Vault - 8'0"

Girls Standards
55m Hurdles - 13.0
55m Dash - 8.5
300m Dash - 53.0
500m Run - 1:38.0
1000m Run - 4:00.0
1600m Run - 7:00.0
3200m Run - 16:00.0
Long Jump - 13'0" (12'0")*
Triple Jump - 28'0" (26'0")*
Shot Put - 22'0" (20'0")*
High Jump - 4'0"
Pole Vault - 6'0"

* No measurements will be made below these distances at the meet.

The starting heights for the pole vault and high jumps will be the respective entry standards for these events.

Entry Fee: $5.00 per athlete for individual events & $10.00 per relay team. Make checks payable to: East Coast Invitational

Entry Deadline: Postmarked on or before Wednesday, December 17, 2008 or hand delivered to the entries chairman by 7:00 PM Friday, December 19, 2008. No fax or e-mail entries accepted. You may hand deliver entries at the Green Dragon Relays on December 20, 2008 at the Ashe Center.

Refer Questions To: Jim Holdren, H.S. Entries Chairman (O) 804-358-7159 (H) 804-740-1193

Mail Entries To:
Jim Holdren
H.S. Entries Chairman
1541 Westshire Lane
Richmond, VA 23238

Revised Meet Schedule