Richmond Road Runners Summer Track Series #5

August 3, 2011
Sportsbackers Stadium

1500 Meter Run

4:29.1 Nathaniel Hall
4:32.8 Zach Davis
4:48.7 Bizz Alidost
4:58.5 Stefan Calos
5:36.1 Jabari McKnight
5:41.5 Matthew Pinson
5:45.1 Nici Thomas
5:48.7 Katt Grasberger
5:49.0 Julia Fraser
5:50.7 Chloe Bavin
6:25.1 Doc Thomas
6:59.7 William Chadim
7:47.9 Cristina Grasberger
7:48.0 Lizz Grasberger

200 Meter Dash

23.9 Devin Lacks
24.2 Nolan Jez
24.8 Christian Atkins
25.1 Dre Bennett
26.0 Adrian Cotterell
26.1 Zayvon Watkins
26.5 Michael Middleton
29.5 Donrae Bennett
30.1 Stefanie Lapp
30.5 Ayanna McKnight
32.0 Matthew Pinson
33.6 Jim Davenport
42.2 Linda Newman
44.1 Linda Gulick

Distance Medley Relay

12:03.8 Flying Squirrels (finally Nolan gets on a winning team)
12:23.5 Dead Last
14:16.9 Old Gentlemen +1 (team name was censored for Milestat)
14:58.2 Team Tiger (Claire Tito and Tucker teammates)
14:58.6 Johnny Depp (Julia, Christina, Katt, and Scarlett the Atlee Girls)
16:38.2 Adventure Time
17:15.8 Flying Nutzies

Predict – A – Time Mile

In one of the closest competitions this summer it took a perfect prediction by Stefan Calos (predicting and running a 5:49.0) to edge out Zach Davis by 2 tenths of a second (predicted a 5:45 and ran a 5:44.8) and win the predict – a - time – mile.

Thanks as always to the people that helped put on this meet: Gary Leader (our director - back from his vacation) our starter, Dr. Bob Davis, Rick Davis, and Coach Tom Nadeau.

With the coming of August: youth teams are finishing their season, high schools and colleges start cross country practices and it is time to get to the serious specialty relays.

Next Wednesday, August 10 we have the 4 x 800 Relays

And then the race we have been looking forward to all summer – on Wednesday, August 17 - the 8K of two person alternating 400’s relay.

Will the Bavin’s have two big weeks with a possible Bavin family win the the 4 x 8 and then Scarlett and Chloe coming back the next week to set a sister’s record in the 8K of alternating 400 relay?

We all are waiting to see if the Atkinson’s can average 64+ second 400's to break the record set by the Witt brothers in the 8K of alternating 400’s.

August 10

400 Meter Dash
3000 Meter Run
4 x 800 Meter Relay
Predict - a - time - mile

August 17

800 Meter Run
100 Meter Dash
8K of 2 Person Alternating 400's relay
Predict - a - time - mile

August 24

1500 Meter Run
200 Meter Dash
Predict - a - time - mile