Which Leads To A Better 4x4: Team Depth at 300m or 500m?

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Boys 500m Depth

Once again in an attempt to make things very accurate we will only be looking at performances from 2009 and later. That includes VA #3, VA #5, VA #7, and VA #10 All-Time. 

Leading the way in 2009 and amongst all these other teams is the squad from VA #3 All-Time Western Branch. This quartet included three of the same guys that led them in the 300 that year. 

1Western Branch High School (VA)161
1) Javanti Sparrow1:05.294
2) Daniel Nix1:05.747
3) Cameron Cipcic1:08.7943
4) Jeffery Lewis1:11.00107
Average Time: 1:07.71 Total Time: 4:30.82 1-4 Split: 5.71
5) Coleman Horsley1:11.27116
6) Blake Theroux1:11.27117
7) Kaven Duong1:13.09212

Also running well in 2009 was VA #10 all-time Albemarle. The big thing here was the absence of Jordan Hill who was their top 300 runner. This obviously begins to hint at why their 4x400 was so good. (See more in conclusion) They went from being rank 17th in the 300 to 4th in the 500. 

4Albemarle (VA)339
1) Zachary Vrhovac1:04.281
2) Garrett Bradley1:07.1714
3) Mark Baucom1:09.8269
4) Tory Key1:13.70255
Average Time: 1:08.74 Total Time: 4:34.97 1-4 Split: 9.42
5) Whitney Wood1:18.65484
6) Dwayne Jones1:19.62518
7) Ryan Gray1:20.32552

Then it was the 2013 Westfield squad who made some big improvements. More specifically they went from 20th in the 300 to 6th in the 500. Just like Albemarle, one of the most important things here was not actually the 300 or 500m distance...

6Westfield (VA)535
1) Nathan Kiley1:04.943
2) Troy Sevachko1:06.7718
3) Maxwell Chambers1:08.5455
4) Nick Falatko1:16.66459
Average Time: 1:09.23 Total Time: 4:36.91 1-4 Split: 11.72

Finally we have T.C. Williams who didn't even have enough depth at the 500 in 2015. Josephus Lyles though did run one of the five fastest times ever in state history. 

109T.C. Williams High School (VA)851
1) Josephus Lyles1:03.571
2) Chima Obenwa1:22.64850
Average Time: 1:13.11 Total Time: 2:26.21 1-2 Split: 19.07