10 Take-a-ways from MileStates

Many of us will be in New York City this weekend covering or running in the 2016 New Balance Indoor Nationals. So, what happens if you are on the subway and someone stops you and asks about MileStates... Well, that is where this comes in! Check out our MileStates recap of the 10 biggest take-aways we had from this historic past week. 

10. Northern Region Distance Runners Go The Distance 

Whether it was a 5A or 6A team, the northern region teams truly dominated the weekend when it came to the distance events. You have Brandon McGorty (Chantilly), Kate Murphy (Lake Braddock), Rachel McArthur (Patriot), Reagan Bustamante (West Springfield), Heather Holt (George C. Marshall), Saurav Velleleth (Thomas Jefferson S&T), and many more! 

You can spin it anyway you want but the fact remains that the Fairfax, Alexandria, and Prince William schools truly dominated the states weekend. 

5A Complete Results

6A Complete Results 

Probably the most dominated event for the North was the Girls' 1000m run in 6A that featured a 1-5 sweep and an additional 8th place scorer. In that event alone that was 34 points to 5! That's without even mentioning that neither Kate Murphy (US #2) or Rachel McArthur ran in that event meaning it could have been even more lopsided. 

One thing is for sure, with the graduation of Jonathan Lomogda, Faith Ross, and Amanda Thomas it looks like the northern region could be only getting stronger next year!