Could The Jumps At The VA Showcase Be Harder to Win Than a National Title?


It is no secret that the competition at the VA Showcase this January is going to be fast but it is not only about the track at this showcase meet. The field events are going to be providing just as much excitement if not more than the track events.


Out of the six jumping events it is nearly impossible to decide which will be the most exciting or which will come the closest to state and national records. Since we cannot decide we will give you a brief preview to get your excited for what will be excellent jumping competitions. 

Girls' Virtual Meet

Headlining the girls' triple jump will be Titiana Marsh of Thomas Dale. She enters the competition with an all-time best of 42-4 but has yet to be challenged ever in this event. Now that she is a junior and already opened with a 40+ US #1 jump it is clear she has the national record in her sights. That mark of 44-6.75 may seem a long way off but remember she barely fouled a 44' jump last year as a sophomore. 

In this event she will face off with numerous 40+ jumpers and could lead a competition that sees an insane eight girls break the forty foot mark. 

In the long jump though Marsh will finally meet her equal in Rush Henrietta junior Lanae-Tava Thomas. Thomas is currently  NY #4 all-time with her 20-3 best in the event and jump went US #1 20-1 in her season opener. 

They will potentially be joined by another two 20'+ jumpers making for another stacked competition. The national record in this event is 21-7.5 and is one of the oldest records on the books dating back to 1981. 

The girls' high jump competition though could be the closest of them all. Currently slated to compete are five girls over 5-8 or higher and another four girls have jumped 5-6 before. If Henrico's Dymier Jeffery enters then the game gets changed even more. 

Currently the top seed slated to compete is Kenya Livingston of North Carolina. She is a multiple time NC state 4A champion and knows how to jump her best when it is needed. She will be competing against Jade Jordan, Sydney Banks, Zaria Barnes, and many others making for a great competition.