2020 Cardinal District Championships 2020

Woodbridge, VA

Meet Information

2020 Cardinal DistrictChampionships

*********Important information! ***********

The Pole Vault and High Jump for the Cardinal District Indoor

Championship Meet will be on Feb 3rdat 17001 Interstate Dr.,

Dumfries. The facility will open at 4pm and events will start at 5pm.


The meet will be held on Feb.5th. The formatis a ONE DAY MEET.

11:20 a.m. Coaches Meeting

11:30 a.m. Field Events - Long, Triple Jump, and Shot Put

12:15 p.m. Running events will start







10-15 Min break





*If the weather is better on either

the 6th or 7th, then wemay reschedule for that day
. *

Entry limits:1 relay and 3 individuals per event

(There is one exception,if more than 3 of your athleteshave

met the district standard this season and it was run at a qualifying meet with

the results recorded on milestat* then you may enter as many athletes as you

have had qualify in that event)

ContactKenja Hannifordwith questions/issues atkenjahanniford@gmail.com.

Entry Deadline:
Entries will be accepted until Monday,

February3rd at 10:00 p.m.

: There will be a boys and a girls

team champion. The boy's team and the girl's teamwith

themost points at the end of the meet will be declared the District


: Medals to top 3 individuals, trophy to team champion and

runner-up. Individual medals will be given to coaches after the meet. Team

awards will be presented as soon as all results have been tabulated.

: General Admission: $6.00 for Adults/$4.00 for students

with an ID

Complimentary: Schools participating may issue Complimentary Cardinal District

Passes & the standard VHSL acceptable passes for entry. VHSL, Regional

Administrative, and working PRESS passes will be honored.

2018 Edition National Federation rule Book and the

2018-19 edition of the VHSL Handbook.

10-8-6-4-2-1 Athletes should report at First Call. In

events run by heats, all starters must report to the clerk at the check-in area

before the first heat is run. Failure to report at the time will result in a

scratch. Each individual declared for participation will have that event count

against their event total, regardless of whether or not they compete in the


: In one meet, a contestant may compete in

any number of field events but shall be limited to participation in only three

running events. If one of the running events is the 3200m, an athlete may only

run in one other event on the same day that the 3200 is contested.

We also will take a short 10-15 min

break after the 500 before the 1000 to give the 1600/500 athletes who are

competing in the 1000/300 a chance to recover

Each coach is asked to keep his/her squad

in the stands or in the team tent area. Team areas may be in the stands on

either side of the field or in opens areas at the end of the bleachers unless

cordoned off.Teams may NOT set up areas under the bleachers.

The infield, except when an individual is competing or warming-up for an

immediate eventis off limits.People allowed

on the infield are coaches and event staff who are properly identified.

Hip Numberswill be issued on the track beyond the

start/finish line under the tent.

Check-in for each race/sectionwill be at thestart line.

Field event check-inwill be at the event site.

****Athletes are not permitted in school building at any time.

****Concessions will be sold throughout the meet.