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--Will be high school, college, and professional competition held at Virginia Beach's brand new hydraulically banking track!

East Coast Invitational (Estimated Time Schedule) 

Friday, February 5th, 2021 -- HIGH SCHOOL AGED COMPETITION

Doors Open 7:00am 

8:00am - Unseeded Girls 800m Run

9:00am - Unseeded Boys 800m Run 

10:00am - Girls 200m Dash (Prelims)

11:00am - Boys 200m Dash (Prelims)

 12:00pm - Girls One Mile Run 

  1:10pm - Boys One Mile Run

  2:40pm - Girls 60m Hurdles Trials (55 Timed As Well)

  3:20pm - Boys 60m Hurdles Trials (55 Timed As Well)

  4:00pm - Girls 60m Dash Trials (55 Timed As Well)

  4:40pm - Boys 60m Dash Trials (55 Timed As Well)

  5:30pm - Girls/Boys 4x400m Relay 

  6:30pm - Girls 4x200m Relay Prelims 

  7:20pm - Boys 4x200m Relay Prelims 

  8:00pm - Girls 1000m Run 

  8:40pm - Boys 1000m Run 

  9:30pm - Girls 400m Dash

  10:30pm - Boys 400m Dash  

Field Event Schedule 

8:00am - Boys Shot Put

8:00am - Girls Pole Vault

8:00am - Boys Pole Vault 

8:00am - Girls Long Jump

11:00am - Boys High Jump

11:00am - Girls High Jump 

11:00am - Girls Shot Put 

12:00pm - Boys Triple Jump

3:00pm - Girls Triple Jump

6:00pm - Boys Long Jump

Saturday, February 6th, 2021 -- HS/COLLEGE/PRO

7:00am - Doors Open

7:00am - High School Girls' Two Mile Run

8:00am - High School Boys' Two Mile Run 

9:00am - High School Girls DMR (1 Section)

9:20am - High School Girls 200m Dash Final

9:25am - High School Boys 200m Dash Final 

9:40am - High School Boys DMR (1 Section)

10:00am - High School Girls 600m Dash Invite (1 Section)

10:05am - High School Boys 600m Dash Invite (1 Section)

10:10am - High School Girls 800m Run Invite (1 Section)

10:15am - High School Boys 800m Run Invite (1 Section)

11:00am ------------------- College Events Begin -----------------

11:00am - College 800m Run 

11:50am - College 400m Dash 

  1:00pm - College 60mH Trials 

  1:30pm - College 60m Dash Trials 

  2:00pm - College Mile 

  3:20pm - College Women's 60mH Final 

  3:30pm - College Men's 60mH Final 

  4:00pm - College Women's 60m Dash Final

  4:10pm - College Men's 60m Dash Final 

  4:20pm - College Sprint Medley Relay 

  5:00pm - College 200m Dash 

  6:30pm - College 3K

  7:00pm - College 4x400m Relay

  7:30pm - High School Girls 4x200m Final

  7:35pm - High School Boys 4x200m Final 

  7:45pm - Professional Men's 500m Dash

  7:50pm - High School Boys 60mH Final 

  7:55pm - High School Girls 60mH Final 

  8:00pm - Professional Men's 300m Dash Race 

  8:10pm - High School Boys 60m Dash Final

  8:15pm - High School Girls 60m Dash Final 

 8:20pm - High School Girls 2K Invitational (1 Section)

8:30pm - High School Boys (2K Invitational (1 Section) 

Each event will be limited in size. Please plan accordingly as our entries will fill up and these events are first come, first.