Region 2C Championship 2020

Covington , VA
Hosted by Alleghany
Timing/Results Run Roanoke

Athlete Entries

HS Boys 5,000 Meter Run 62 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Horrell, Charlie Glenvar High School
Dodson, Ben Dan River High School
Cisneros, Moises Patrick County
Drinkard, Charlie Appomattox County High School
Parker, Will Gretna High School
Martin, Adalai Patrick County
Boon, Spencer Chatham High School
Bryson, Gabriel Glenvar High School
Emam, Tarek Radford High School
Huston, Conner Radford High School
Torrance, Trey Appomattox County High School
Fletcher, Asa Dan River High School
Martinez-tejada, Reyli Patrick County
Fulcher, Brady Appomattox County High School
Johnson, David Giles
Quintero, Bretley Chatham High School
Hartig, William 16:08.00 Radford High School
Zearfoss, Daniel 16:22.80 Glenvar High School
Honaker, Erik 16:32.20 Alleghany
Hartig, Cyrus 16:55.00 Radford High School
Counts, Levi 17:06.00 Alleghany
BALDWIN, MILES 17:27.90 Floyd County
Honaker, Mason 17:32.00 Alleghany
Roop, Landon 17:42.10 Radford High School
Deschler, Randall 18:13.00 Alleghany
Bell, Isaac 18:16.05 James River (Buchanan)
Miller, Gabe 18:22.00 Alleghany
Peck, Andrew 18:29.00 Alleghany
Harris, Jeffrey 19:03.30 Alleghany
Boon, Carter 19:09.50 Chatham High School
Groom, Michael 19:25.80 Dan River High School
Hijduk, Michael 19:39.00 Radford High School
Leitch, Baron 20:06.58 Alleghany
Norman, Davis 20:07.87 Glenvar High School
Atkins, Maynhard 20:08.80 Floyd County
Martin, Andrew 20:15.20 Floyd County
Boon, Tanner 20:22.46 Chatham High School
Etzler, Nathan 20:22.94 James River (Buchanan)
Duncan, Tyler 20:32.20 Giles
Moore, Tristan 20:46.60 Patrick County
Middleton, Andrew 20:48.42 Alleghany
Faw, Gavin 21:03.80 Giles
Mahaney, Scott 21:08.90 Giles
Hill, Jacob 21:10.09 James River (Buchanan)
Bishop, Kellen 21:11.20 Radford High School
Brim, Riley 21:14.14 Patrick County
Weaver, Garrett 21:22.43 Floyd County
Maguire, Connor 21:26.20 Glenvar High School
Kidd, Trevor 21:34.28 Appomattox County High School
Asboth, Carter 21:50.00 Alleghany
Gibson, Grant 21:58.00 Chatham High School
Powell, Chase 22:09.00 James River (Buchanan)
Willie, Ryan 22:21.54 Floyd County
Pastrana, Isaac 22:36.60 Floyd County
Short, Shane 23:21.00 Gretna High School
Adkins, Jonathan 23:39.00 Dan River High School
Mason, Stewart 24:21.53 James River (Buchanan)
Gentry, Matthew 25:05.50 James River (Buchanan)
Elliott, Austin 25:19.61 Chatham High School
Fulcher, Conner 25:43.00 Appomattox County High School
Henderson, Tucker 27:08.81 Glenvar High School
Myers, Brenden 29:22.81 Gretna High School
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HS Girls 5,000 Meter Run 44 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Tapp, Addie Radford High School
Haywood, Aurora Fort Chiswell
Potter, Riley James River (Buchanan)
Buskill, Anna Radford High School
Vogltanz, Jordan Dan River High School
Cazier, Kassidy Fort Chiswell
Meadows, Haley James River (Buchanan)
Stephenson, Sloan James River (Buchanan)
Epperly, Kora Radford High School
Wilkes, Carly 17:26.00 Glenvar High School
Hastings-Crummey, Emma 19:42.20 Radford High School
Belshan, Zoe 19:43.30 Floyd County
Barnes, Abby 19:46.60 Radford High School
Lin, Angie 20:27.90 Radford High School
Cash, Macyn 21:14.00 Alleghany
Hoover, Alivia 21:32.00 Alleghany
Buskill, Ellie 21:35.50 Radford High School
Bradley, Paiton 21:42.40 Giles
Horrell, Caroline 21:44.70 Glenvar High School
Lin, Alice 21:50.00 Radford High School
Barron, Gracie 21:50.00 Alleghany
Nicely, Lucy 22:13.00 Alleghany
Pope, Isabelle 23:03.00 Glenvar High School
Haas, Jordan 23:04.32 Patrick County
Saunders, Kathryn 23:06.60 Dan River High School
Martin, Abby 23:11.00 Alleghany
Smith, Irene 23:29.40 Patrick County
Blevins, Larah 23:30.54 Floyd County
Saunders, Emily 23:41.15 Dan River High School
Landon, Isabella 24:09.50 Floyd County
Evans, Cassy 24:14.68 Alleghany
Ross, Darcy 24:40.00 Alleghany
Cox, Emily 24:42.59 Floyd County
White, Abbie 24:50.00 Giles
McFalls, Alyssa 25:06.66 Dan River High School
Griffin, Gabrielle 25:09.80 Chatham High School
Mabe, Vanessa 25:51.68 Patrick County
Terry, Lillian 26:03.30 Patrick County
McCroskey, Molly 26:16.67 Glenvar High School
Killeen, Joanna 26:41.91 Glenvar High School
Dalton, Rebekah 26:49.02 Dan River High School
Marrone, Grace 27:16.36 Floyd County
Pope, Emma 27:44.33 Glenvar High School
Benson, Jordan 27:58.74 Floyd County
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