7 Storylines, 7 Predictions, & 7 Must See Races This Weekend

7 Bold Predictions For The Weekend

1. Bethany Graham Will Run Under 18:00 at Pole Green

--> She nearly achieved that in the thick grass at Great Meadow... she definitely could run well faster this weekend if the hurricane doesn't drown the course. 

2. Daniel O'Brien Will Run Under 15:20 at Pole Green

-->Another athlete ready for a big opening weekend is Foot Locker Finalist Dan O'Brien. He should have competition for the first mile but after that he might be on his own this weekend. 

3. West Springfield Will Put 3 Guys in The Top 6 at Monroe Parker

-->The Spartans have depth but they are going to win or lose based on their top three stars. We are predicting a big weekend and a statement from them this weekend. We cannot pick who will be the first across the line amongst them but we are definitely predicting that Sam Pritchard, Chris Weeks, and Sean Stuck will be in the top six. 

4. We Will See A New Girls Course Record at Knights Crossing

--> With tons of fast VA girls running you can make an attempt at the record but what it takes to break the record is an athlete like Sasha Neglia (TN) who has already run 17:18 for 5K. Libby Davidson's 17:36 record thus is very much in danger. 

5. Midlothian Girls Will Run Away With PG Invite Team Title

-->Midlo showed us a lot last weekend at Great Meadow and this weekend with that first race under their belt we think they are going to let loose and run away with the team title. 

6. We Will See A Frosh Run Under 19 and Under 16:15

--> Bold, yes! We are ready for some fast freshmen and this weekend we should get it. 

7. Loudoun Valley Will Sweep The PTXC Team Titles 

--> Loudoun Valley is no longer a one team program... they are a two team powerhouse looking for both teams to make NXN this year. This weekend will be a big test for them as they open up their season for both varsity squads.