Valley To Face a Challenge From NC's Green Hope? Oatlands' Boys Virtual Meet

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Call this a 4A state meet preview, call it a Foot Locker South preview, call it an NXR Southeast preview, or just call it one of the best meets of the year because that is what it is. Aside from Great American perhaps we will not see a matchup quite like this all year and it is going to be an exciting one. 

Individually it will be tough with the Valley top four, Foot Locker National Finalist Price Owens, VA #2 Philip Lambert, and many more stars up front. Expect the Valley group to try and control the race but don't be surprised to see a powerful move just past the 1.3 mile mark from either Lambert or Owens. 

Though we feel the course record is safe this year we definitely think it should be the fastest top 10 in meet history and we are really excited to see those times and finishes. 

On the team front North Carolina's Green Hope is hoping to stage an upset against US #1 Loudoun Valley but we have it being a landslide. Though we may think that is going to happen, a lot has to happen for it to happen and that' why they run the race. 

Check out the full virtual meets below. 

Virtual Meet Team Scores (Full List)

1Loudoun Valley52367828--
2Green Hope67913141516--
3Richard Montgomery High School196452550112--
4Freedom (South Riding)27224325163102--
5J.E.B. Stuart27722375455109--
6Walt Whitman High School2831160686975--
7Tuscarora High School (VA)29112343867140--
10John Champe High School35553575966120--
11Northwest High School37040627681111--
12Grafton High School37227092101107--
13Calvert High School383234877114121--
14Patriot High School39833397985162--
15James Wood High School439447396110116--

Boys' Virtual Meet Rankings (Full List)

1Philip Lambert12Stafford High School15:27.001
2Price Owens12Grafton High School15:40.602
3Sam Affolder11Loudoun Valley15:49.503
4Mark Unger11Richard Montgomery High School15:50.304
5Garrett Suhr10Richard Montgomery High School15:53.605
6Colton Bogucki12Loudoun Valley15:54.466
7Jacob Hunter11Loudoun Valley15:54.657
8Peter Morris12Loudoun Valley15:55.058
9Ryan Kemper12Green Hope16:04.139
10Clark Edwards12Rock Ridge High School16:08.0010
11Aaron Bratt11Walt Whitman High School16:10.1011
12Benjamin Nibbelink12Tuscarora High School (VA)16:11.0012
13Peyton Barish12Green Hope16:14.1913
14Finn McBride12Green Hope16:14.2314
15Ares Epps12Green Hope16:14.3315
16Reed Blackman11Green Hope16:14.3816
17Jack Ikenberry*12Lee-Davis16:14.5017
18Ian Delgado12Green Hope16:14.5718
19Daniel Vo12Green Hope16:14.7619
20Chris Thoms12Quince Orchard High School16:14.9020
21Reese Smith11Cox16:17.0021
22Thomas Vo10Green Hope16:19.98--
23Natnael Asmelash12J.E.B. Stuart16:23.0022
24Justin Diehl11Calvert High School16:32.5023
25Donovan Foley12Freedom (South Riding)16:33.0024
26Joachim El-Masry12Richard Montgomery High School16:34.1025
27Rylan Pettit11Woodgrove16:39.0026
28Spencer Cowley11Green Hope16:39.48--
29Dillon Fields11Riverbend High School16:40.0027
30Kevin Carlson10Loudoun Valley16:40.5828
31Omar Aougab11Dominion16:41.0029
32Nicolas Vandenheede11Dominion16:41.0030
33Paul Sepulveda11Stafford High School16:41.4031
34Jackson Allen12Freedom (South Riding)16:42.4032
35Justin Sriver11Patriot High School16:43.0033
36Avery Bryant12Tuscarora High School (VA)16:44.0034
37Connor Wells11Loudoun Valley16:47.2735
38Mateo Barreto10Kettle Run16:49.0036
39Matthew O'Cadiz12J.E.B. Stuart16:50.0037
40Kevin Kostka12Tuscarora High School (VA)16:51.0038
41Michael Speeney11Patriot High School16:53.0039
42Chase Osborne12Northwest High School16:53.5040
43Tamrat Snyder10Damascus High School16:53.7041
44Ben Werve11Cox16:54.0042
45Lane Johnson*12Lee-Davis16:55.7043
46Kevin Konyar12James Wood High School16:56.6044
47Harry Challis12Dominion16:57.7045
48Evan Grace11Rock Ridge High School16:58.0046
49Eliot Petersen10Loudoun Valley17:00.0047
50Brayden Cassidy11Loudoun Valley17:00.00--
51Kellen Hasle10Loudoun Valley17:00.00--
52John Dodsworth12Calvert High School17:00.5048
53Henry Schmidt11Boonsboro High School17:01.3049
54Nicholas Olano10Richard Montgomery High School17:03.5050
55Sam Koltisko11Freedom (South Riding)17:03.9051
56Michael Blaes12Osbourn Park17:04.6052
57Grant Faircloth10John Champe High School17:04.9053
58Sem Asmelash10J.E.B. Stuart17:05.0054
59Quinn Early10J.E.B. Stuart17:05.0055
60Benjamin S. Smith11George C. Marshall17:05.0056
61Kyle Lauffenberger10John Champe High School17:05.0057
62Ben Hartings12Boonsboro High School17:07.6058
63Luke Bakley12Green Hope17:07.94--
64Alec Venable11Loudoun Valley17:08.00--
65Sai Ravva11John Champe High School17:08.4059
66Michael Murphy11Walt Whitman High School17:09.4060
67Evan Leach12Riverbend High School17:10.0061
68Daniel Rogers12Northwest High School17:10.5062
69Jayson Call12Freedom (South Riding)17:10.6063
70Daniel Umana11Rock Ridge High School17:11.0064
71Cole McAndrew*12Lee-Davis17:11.3065
72William Gay10John Champe High School17:12.0066
73Sammy Fellah11Tuscarora High School (VA)17:12.0067
74Benjamin Lesser10Walt Whitman High School17:12.2068
75Obi Onwuamaegbu11Walt Whitman High School17:12.4069
76Tristan Ruark12Grafton High School17:12.7070
77Michael Biddle11Green Hope17:13.19--
78Will Pompilio11Briar Woods17:13.4071
79Andrew Rice10Brentsville District17:14.7072
80Joshua Arce11James Wood High School17:14.8073
81William Fincher12Woodgrove17:15.0074
82Dalton Yu11Walt Whitman High School17:15.5075
83Jacob Windle11Loudoun Valley17:15.53--
84Stefan Ney10Northwest High School17:18.6076
85Paul Fagnano12Calvert High School17:18.9077
86Brad Hambrick11Millbrook17:20.0078
87Ryan Hamacher11Patriot High School17:20.0079
88Michael Taylor10Green Hope17:21.60--
89Liam McBride10Green Hope17:21.69--
90Nick Martin *12Cox17:23.0080
91Alexander Moore11Northwest High School17:23.6081
92Ryan Smith10North Stafford17:26.0082
93Tristan Brodie10Stone Bridge17:26.1083
94Colby Chamberlin10Cox17:27.0084
95Ashton Drake12Patriot High School17:27.0085
96Mason LaCava11Stonewall Jackson (Manassas)17:28.0086
97Adam Broshkevitch12Loudoun Valley17:29.26--
98Drew Davey12Brentsville District17:29.8087
99David Velasquez11Loudoun County17:30.0088
X100Brandon Dimitri12Briar Woods17:30.889