Great Meadow Invitational 2014

The Plains, VA
Hosted by Mountain View
Timing/Results DF Timing


Through The Lens: Week 1 Sep 8, 2014

Four major meets this past weekend meant a lot of coverage over the entire state. In this coverage were nearly 10,000 pictures! Check out some of the highlights and how many each meet had inside here. 

Week One's Invitational Courses Preview Sep 4, 2014

Do you need a course map for a big invitational this weekend? MileStat has got you set not only for that but also with weather forecasts, records, and of course a who's who competitors list for each of the big four meets this weekend. Check it all out here! 

Hunter 15:26, Georgie Mackenzie 18:30! Coverage Central Sep 6, 2014

With many meets in action this weekend MileStat has you covered as your one stop location for all results, videos, photos, and information for this weekend. Check it all out and keep yourself live-up-to-date with our live twitter feed from multiple meets this weekend. 

State Leaderboards 3 Mile & 5K Sep 8, 2014

With the first official weekend of the sport now in the books and in the rankings it is time to look at how the leaderboards look today. Though this week we are including both the 3 Mile leaderboards and the 5K leaderboards since half of the major invitationals this week were held on 3 Mile courses. 

Click Refresh On Those Leaderboards: Performance Stats Recap Sep 6, 2014

Now that all the major invitationals and the majority of those races are in the database and attached to athletes it is time to click that refresh button and see who those knew leaders are. If you missed anything or wanted to know who the top performers at each meet were then this is your place. Also inside is easy access to all race footage, interviews, and the nearly ten thousand pictures we took this weekend. 

Georgie Mackenzie Interview (Great Meadows) Sep 6, 2014

Interview with Varsity A Girls winner Georgie Mackenzie. Mackenzie stepped up big and really put herself in contention to be one of the favorites for the 5A state title with this race.

Andrew Hunter (US #10) runs steamy 15:27 5K in VA Sep 6, 2014

After a super sophomore year, Andrew Hunter of Loudoun Valley (VA) began his season on Saturday as the US #10 ranked runner at the Great Meadow Invitational, which is held on the same venue for the Virginia state meet. The 2014 Penn Relays 3K champ Hunter blazed the course on a hot and humid morning in Virginia with a 15:27 win.