VHSL Group 3A/4A State Outdoor T&F Championships 2018

Harrisonburg, VA

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2018 BOYS AND GIRLS Class 3 and Class 4


The Class 3/4 State Outdoor Track and Field Championships will be at Harrisonburg High School in Harrisonburg, Virginia on Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd, 2018.

MILESTAT WINDOW: The window will open at noon on Saturday, May 12th and close on Sunday, May 27th at 3pm. The Scratch deadline is Monday, May 28th at noon. We are aware that the 28th is a Holiday however the time frame does not allow us to complete printing if we wait until Tuesday.

ADMISSIONS: $10.00 for Friday session and $10:00 for Saturday. No charge for children age 6 and under when accompanied by a paying spectator. Each participant will need his/her competitors number for admission.

Accepted passes for VHSL State events include VHSCA, VHSL VIAAA, VATA, VSBA and the Principals State membership cards. (All passes must be accompanied with valid drivers license)

ARRIVAL ON CAMPUS AT HARRISOBURG HIGH SCHOOL: Friday June 1st is a full school day at Harrisonburg High School. State Meet Traffic (Buses and Cars) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON CAMPUS PRIOR TO 3:00 PM. Please time your arrival so that you will not be directed to drive around until 3 PM

COACHES MEETING: The coaches meeting will be conducted in the Harrisonburg High School Gym/Commons, which is a short distance across the Parking lot from the Athletes entrance into the stadium. Meeting time will be 4:00 PM. Packet pickup will be at the bottom of the hill below the Athletes entrance to the stadium. Packets will contain seed sheets, competitors numbers and any other information that may be necessary. Bus parking will be behind the School on the opposite side from the stadium.

Coachs passes will be issued in accordance with VHSL Policy by team gender and found in your packet. Additional coaches or school personnel can be admitted using one of the Cards shown on the VHSL 2017-2018 Acceptable Pass Form. If you have more coaches than passes they should use one of the cards on the Acceptable Pass form if they qualify.

1-5 Athletes 1 pass

6-10 Athletes 2 passes

11 or more Athletes 3 passes

Competitor Numbers will be used for athletes to re-enter the stadium.

FACILTY: The Harrisonburg High School track is an 8-lane 400-meter track. pyramid spikes or flats may be used. This meet will be conducted on a 400-meter track. Throwing events will be conducted on the practice fields adjacent to the stadium, access to the throwing events will be from inside the stadium behind the visitors stands. Throwing sectors for the state meet will be 34.92 degrees.

RULES: NFHS Track and Field Rules Book for 2018 as well as the VHSL rules as stated in the VHSL handbook will be observed. Please review the VHSL Handbook for these VHSL rules.

FINISH LYNX TIMING SYSTEM will be the official timing for all running events. Timing services are not set at this time.

EQUIPMENT: Each team must furnish its own towels, shots, discus, batons and poles. Starting blocks will be supplied by Harrisonburg High School. NO OTHER BLOCKS MAY BE USED.

Vaulting poles will be inspected and Vaulters will be weighed in the Fieldhouse adjacent to the Pit. Nothing may be altered on the pole. Original Manufacturer markings must be visible. Head coaches will provide a written certification to the meet director that each competitor uses properly weighted poles.

Shot and Discus inspection will be take place in the Maintenance Building on the Throwing field. USATF officials will certify throwing implements to the exact standard of the rule. Rubber discs with edge dings, rough or narrow edges will not be allowed. Implements not in compliance will be impounded during the event.

Uniforms for each contestant must be in compliance with the 2018 NFHS rule book. Competitors numbers will be provided by VHSL

AWARDS: Team trophies (1st and 2nd) will be presented at the conclusion of the Meet. Individual medals (1st through 8th) will be presented after each event. Note that 1st through 8th place will be scored (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1).

PARTICIPATION LIMITATIONS; A contestant may compete in any number of field events. A contestant shall be limited to participation in only three running events for the two-day meet. Exception: An athlete participating in the 3200M run may participate in ONE other event on that day. Note: An

Athlete participating in the 3200 M relay on Friday can run ANY two events on Saturday. An athlete NOT participating in the 3200M relay on Friday can run in three events on Saturday unless one of them is the 3200 M run.

If a contestant is entered in a field event, which conflicts in the time schedule with a track event in which he/she is entered, he/she shall make advanced arrangements with the official in charge of the field event to postpone his trials until after the track event has been run. No track or field event will be held up to accommodate a contestant.

NOTE: Competitors shall be disqualified for an event if his/her coach, manager, attendant or anyone associated with his/her team is on the infield, the track, the enclosure inside, or those areas designated only for officials and contestants actually participating or preparing for an event, after a running event starts.

ELIGIBLE TO STATE MEET: Entries may be only those contestants who place 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in a Regional Meet or those contestants who were properly reported to the Regional Meet Director as having met the state qualifying standards at the Regional Championship Meet (trials or finals) or who met the state qualifying standard in a sanctioned meet of 10 or more teams. (5 Teams if using FAT)

MILESTAT is being used for the verification source for entries using the state standards.

FOR ELIGIBILITY IN THE STATE MEET: Each Coach shall satisfy the following requirement or the school athletes will be ineligible to participate.


The Milestat Entry window is from Saturday May 12th until Sunday May 27th at 3PM.

The VHSL PAPER ENTRY IS REQUIRED AND WILL BE USED TO SOLVE ENTRY PROBLEMS SHOULD THEY OCCUR. It can be down loaded from the VHSL web site. It is designed to be filled out online and emailed as an attachment to the Region or State Meet Director

This is to be used as a back- up and will be provided to the State Meet Director by each Region at the State meet. This form will be used in the unlikely event that there is an entry error.

CONFIRMATION OF ENTRIES: to your Region Directors. Your Region Directors will provide you with additional information if needed


Joe C. Curcio State Meet Director

E-mail: coachjoetf@aol.com

Phone Numbers: C (434) 942-7126 or H (540) 586-2163

School (540) 297-7151 or (540) 297-7089

Fax (540 297-2982)

Revised 4/14/2018