2019 VA XC Preseason Countdown

Preseason Countdown Boys #4: Jack Eliason Nolan Jez Jul 22, 2019

While all eyes are on Loudoun Valley this season, don't miss Western Albemarle who have some of the strongest runners in the nation. One of those runners, Jack Eliason, is our fourth ranked runner heading into the cross country season. He enters the season with a personal best of 15:29. 

Preseason Countdown Girls #2: Rachel Mudd Nolan Jez Jul 21, 2019

Our number two pre-season runner is Rachel Mudd of Atlee. She enters the season having run 17:44 and with a major title under her belt, the MileStat.com XC Invite. She did however face some injuries since then and that is why she is number two. 

Preseason Countdown Girls #5: Parker Albright Nolan Jez Jul 20, 2019

She, more so than anyone else, is going to be the most interesting athlete this cross country season. We will know soon enough at her home course, the Knights Crossing Invite, whether she is ready to defend her 2017 state title. 

Preseason Countdown Girls #7: Ricky Fetterolf Nolan Jez Jul 18, 2019

Entering the 2019 XC season at our preseason #7 is defending Class 4 state champion Ricky Fetterolf. She has a PR of 18:05 and was 8th at NXN-SE last year as well. She alongside her teammate Elise Abbe are the only teammates to both make this list. 

Preseason Countdown Boys #8: Jacob Plummer Nolan Jez Jul 17, 2019

Entering the season ranked 8th in our rankings is Class 5 State (3200) Champ, Jacob Plummer. He enters this XC season having been 3rd last year and with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finish at states  in track over the past year. 

Preseason Countdown Boys #9: Brendan Taylor Nolan Jez Jul 16, 2019

One of the most improved athletes last year was L.C. Bird's Brendan Taylor. He is going to be an integral part of their team title pursuit this season so you can guarantee that he and his teammates are going to take training very serious this summer. 

Preseason Countdown Boys #10: Miles Mullins Nolan Jez Jul 15, 2019

Coming into the season ranked #10 in the state is St. Chris' Miles Mullins. He did not compete last year for his team but did ultimately run a season best time of 15:45. That time ranks 10th in the entire state amongst returners. 

Preseason Countdown Girls #12: Ava Gordon Nolan Jez Jul 15, 2019

Ava Gordon is 100% a name to watch this season. She enters as our #12 ranked athlete preseason and as a potential top five athlete as well. She enters with a personal best of 18:28 in the 5K and 4:59 for the 1600 outdoors. 

Preseason Countdown Girls #13: Sophie Tedesco Nolan Jez Jul 14, 2019

One of the quiet stars of the season is Sophie Tedesco. She may be slowly moving up the leaderboard but she is certainly moving up. That is why she makes our preseason list. We expect a big breakout performance as well this season ahead of her 18:36 personal best.

Preseason Countdown Girls #15: Kelsey Harrington Nolan Jez Jul 13, 2019

One of the two best runners in Virginia did not run XC last year. One of those is Virginia high's Kelsey Harrington who burned up the track and won the Class 2 titles in the 1600 and 3200 this past season. Her personal bests of 4:57 and 10:37 boast well for a stellar XC season. 

Preseason Countdown Boys #15: Jeremiah Pratt Nolan Jez Jul 9, 2019

Being good at running apparently runs in the Pratt family. Jeremiah is of course the younger brother of Foot Locker finalist Micah Pratt and when you compare their times you see Jeremiah is slated for a big season this year.