Southern Track Classic Video Clips Brandon Miles May 14, 2006

Video clips are now available from the Southern Track Classic. Proud to say that we have video coverage from every section of every running event and parts of every field event from the meet...tough to do considering various events are going one at the same time. Enjoy!

The best show in town was not Elliott was the Classic! Brandon Miles May 13, 2006

There cannot be enough thanks extended to groups and individuals who made the Southern Track Classic as outstanding of a meet as it was in the 2006 edition. Granted, some pop singer by the name of Elliott Yamin was getting a lot of the attention and uproar across the parking lot with his appearance the Richmond Braves game, but the athletes that were participating in this year\'s Southern Track Classic will most likely have a future in the sport that far outlives the musical career of Elliott or most musician through American Idol. I will be using the media medium to play down music that is awful and tacky and instead uplift the greatness and actual achievement that is found in the great sport of track and field that was put on display at the 2006 edition of the Southern Track Classic. Honestly, is it not sad more people probably vote for American Idol than they vote for America\'s president! Read on for a complete meet summary of the Southern Track Classic!


No one in the state of Virginia puts on a high school track and field meet like Southern Track Classic meet director Dan Ward. The King\'s Fork Principal has managed and run off Virginia\'s Southern Track Classic ever since its inception in 1999 and has continued to prove itself every year since then as the top meet for high school track and field in the state of Virginia. After a hiatus in 2004 and return in 2005 to a new venue at the University of Richmond, the 2006 edition of the Southern Track Classic will be contested this Friday evening, May 12th at the third venue in the meet\'s history. The meet will be held at one of the top track and field facilities in the state found at Sports Backers Stadium in Richmond. The majority of the state\'s best athletes are entered in the meet as well as some national caliber competition making its way into the meet. High school 400 meter national record holder Francena McCorory of Bethel, Arcadia mile top 3 finishers Dan Roberts of Colorado and Rob Sorrell of Tennessee, US #1 400 meter hurdler Nicole Saunders of Menchville, and national champions Charles Clark of Bayside and Katie Doswell of St. Catherine\'s are just some of the big names who will be headlining the event. Field events will start at 5:00 PM on Friday night, while running events commence at 6:40 PM.

Roberts and Sorrell coming to Southern Track Brandon Miles Apr 26, 2006

As the entries for the Southern Track Classic are coming to a close this weekend with the deadline coming up on Sunday, this year\'s edition of the meet looks to be one of the deepest meets ever. With 134 teams and over 650 athletes entered and vying to get their athletes and relays accepted into the meet, meet management has a tough job ahead of itself in cutting down to the elite finals only meet that the Southern Track Classic produces year in and year out with the state\'s best and sprinkle of national caliber athletes. The boys one mile run is shaping up to be the race of the meet with two of the top three finishers in the Arcadia mile coming in to compete. Colorado\'s Daniel Roberts (4:10 at Arcadia) and Tennessee\'s Rob Sorrell (3rd, 4:13 at Arcadia) will pair off once against along with some of Virginia\'s best milers in All-American Brad Siragusa (4:15 PR) of Chantilly and AAA state champion Alex Bowman of Hermitage (4:16 PR). Who else will be joining them and the rest of the Southern Track field on May 12th in Richmond?

Southern Track Classic Entries Reminder Brandon Miles Apr 24, 2006

A reminder to all coaches that the entry deadline for the Southern Track Classic is this Sunday, April 30th at 5:00 PM. Entry fees must be in meet management\'s hands by Monday, May 1st. Go to and follow registration directions on the website. Print a copy of each entry and mail it with entry fee to King